Monday 26 January 2015

Another WIP bites the dust!

So the plan is to try and finish some of those pesky wips that are still lying around, gathering dust, and feeling unloved.

This weekend I decided that it was time for my Tiny Owl Knits Ships and Seaside cowl to become a wearable garment instead of being bunched up in a bag waiting to be worn.

The problem that I had was that to finish off the cowl I needed to master Kitchener stitch.  Despite looking everywhere I could, I just couldn't get to grips with it and that is why I abandoned the cowl.  This weekend I thought stuff it, I'd frog it my way and get it finished.  So instead of being joined the correct way, I simply cast off both ends separately and ta-dah it's complete!

The difference between mine and the original is that my stripes go in the opposite direction, but I think that's a minor difference.  I wore it today to walk the dogs with my pale pink duffle coat.  It's very snuggly.  I used James C Brett Aztec Aran with alpaca which I haven't used before, but it knits up nicely and comes in some lovely muted shades.

The pattern isn't in the Tiny Owl Knits book, but you can buy it from Stephanie's website or on Ravelry if you fancy having a go yourself.

I'm now trying to finish my odds-and-ends crochet blanket, using, yes you guessed it, my odds and ends of wool that no longer have a specified purpose.  I'm currently on row 31 but need to get to about 60 (thanks Gran Plumley for that target) so just over half way now.  For updates, see Instagram!!!!

How are your wips coming along?!

G x


  1. Love your cowl...and it makes it even more special and lovely because the stripes go in the opposite direction! Loving seeing your blanket progress too xxx

  2. It is good to get things finished isn't it. Your cowl is lovely and looks very soft and cosy!! Hope you enjoy the blanket making! xx

  3. The cowl turned out just beautifully - the colors are so soft and beautiful. You must be very happy with it. I have a blanket I've been working on forever! I'm trying to finish it before I start anything else.

  4. Hi! Loving the cowl! Hoping to get crafty with some wool soon as I'm waiting for my pom pom maker to arrive. Can't wait! How are you.xx


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