Monday 12 January 2015

Sorting those wips

Is it just me, or do your wips laugh at you from a corner, taunting you about how you haven't, and will never finish them off?!

Well I'm determined to get to task with some of them this year, no matter how much they laugh at me.

Last week I finished my Fiona Goble capelet from this book.

You can also find the pattern in Mollie Makes issue 44.

Today I decided to make an effort to finish my cardigan.  This one, started last year, more than once.

I finally finished off the final sleeve today, whilst watching The Haunting of Radcliffe House.  However, having stitched the raglan and the ribbing for the neckline, something isn't right, I think something is upside down, or the wrong way around, or just plain wrong.  Tomorrow, after yoga, when I am calm and serene, I will unpick and have another bash at it.  It's like interfacing, I always sew that on wrong the first time no matter how many times I look at it!

So, one down, one almost done.  I'm feeling better already.  So much so, that I've treated myself to some new shoes!  I'm hoping they will be as perfect as my Camper boots are.  Do you know I've worn them virtually every day since they arrived.  I love them to bits.  Anyway, the naughty Pixie over at the Crafty Nook is responsible for this purchase too.  She has some blue ones, I went for red, but it's okay, because they are in the sale and that doesn't count, right?!


G x


  1. Well, it looks like Trevor's been calling , what a beautiful capelet!
    And those shoes!!!

  2. I'm loving that capelet! And your new shoes :o)


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