Thursday 29 January 2015

Creative Craft with Kids

Creative Craft with Kids by Jane Foster
Published by Pavillion
22nd January 2015
Hardback Edition

I have been very lucky indeed to have been sent a copy of Jane Foster's new book Creative Craft with Kids and it is lovely!  Moving away from the traditional sense of a craft book, this one is an actual board book which I think is lovely.  It's tiny in comparison to the others on my shelf but I think that as it's aimed at crafting with, and for children, that this makes it an ideal size.

As well as 15 projects to get stuck into, the book also features Jane, who she is and what she likes.  I liked this personal touch and it was nice to learn more about her as an artist and person that just have pages of projects one after the other.

The book is divided into two sections - No Sew and Simple Sewing.  There are ideas to make things from items you might already have in the house, such as domino pictures and puzzle magnets, alongside making cushion covers and throws for a much loved room.

My girlies and I decided that we would tackle the hand-drawn toys project.  I bought some stuffing, fabric pens and white poly/cotton fabric and we were ready to begin.  Firstly the girls drew their designs onto white paper and then traced them onto the fabric.  We cut out two images, pinned together and then I sewed them on my machine before stuffing and stitching them together.  They love what they have created and I know that we will be making lots more of these - especially as I bought a metre of fabric, and it cost less than £3.

Here's what they created:

The 6 year old made a bat called Batty

The 8 year old made a bear called Holly

Happy Crafting!
G x


  1. So cute, what a great idea!xx

  2. Ah! I have another book of Jane's but didn't know about this one - think I shall pop this one straight onto my Amazon wishlist. I'm a big fan of Jane's style.

  3. What fab makes!
    A lovely book and your girls are so clever x

  4. Fab fab fab!
    wheres the one you made?
    D xx

    1. I've not made one D, just the girls so far....!


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