Wednesday 7 January 2015

Thrifty Jan Blog Hop

Back in December I was asked if I would take part in a blog hop for a digital crafty magazine/blog called Stitch Craft Create and of course I said yes!  The magazine is available online, and has 15 different ideas in it, from making a tin can lamp, to hooking a fab stripe cushion. 

I decided to try out the idea of making a winter body scrub from the magazine for this blog post.  The ingredients were easy to get hold of, I had everything already in the cupboard except for sea salt which was soooo cheap in the supermarket I couldn't believe it.

First was the infusing of the herbs into the oil which takes an hour but as you don't have to do anything to it during that time, I carried on with other jobs while it was heating.  I decided to use rosemary and lavender as that is what I had to hand.  I added fresh rosemary and some dried lavender to the oil, and at the end of the whole process, added some drops of lavender oil to the jar.

Next came the separation of the herbs from the oil.  I didn't have any muslin to hand so I used a dishcloth (clean) which worked equally as well.  Then I added the oil to the salt.  You actually only need a small amount of the oil and I was concerned that I had actually added too much as my mixture was quite yellow looking.  It does say keep the oil for another time, but I don't have anywhere to store it so it had to go!

Ta-dah, one winter body scrub made.  The question now is, does it actually work?!  I suffer from keratosis pilaris, which means basically I have bumpy skin on my arms and legs and have used lots of different exfoliating products all of my life - this would be the test for my winter body scrub. 

Do you know what - it bloomin well works a treat!  My skin is super soft due to the oil in the product, and smooth for the first time in years due to the sea salt.  Hubby also says the bathroom smells fab due to the herbs in the product, so it's a full on win-win situation here.  I only made one jar, so halved the ingredients and all in all it cost less than £1 for me to make as I only had to buy the sea salt.  I wholeheartedly recommend you go and make some yourself now!

Lucky old blog readers that you are, you can download a copy of Stitch Craft Create for FREE right here using the discount code SCCFREE.

You can also see who else is taking part in the blog hop by clicking on this link and see what other crafty people have been making too.

As an added bonus, cause I'm nice like that, if you visit here you can download a free upcycling book as well!  Aren't you glad you dropped on by?!

And that's it!  Thank you to Rosie for asking me to take part, it's been great fun and I hope you all enjoy your copy of the magazine too!

G x


  1. Thanks for the links - I've just downloaded my copy of Stitch Craft Create.

  2. We both loved the scrub! I should try next time adding the lavender to it. I have a jar on my kitchen counter and have been using it after cooking and doing dishes. It works!

  3. Oo looks fab!
    Hope you enjoyed your yoga x


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