Saturday 18 May 2013

Daisy Puff

Ooooh I discovered a new blog today!  Sat reading it for an age and then discovered I was reading the 2012 posts - could take me a while to catch up to 2013!  Anyway the blog is called Bunny Mummy and you can find it here I discovered it via Deramores on their facebook page today when they featured this beautiful daisy granny square:

Despite my beginners status in the world of crochet I decided that I'd give it a go.  Thankfully the blog contains step-by-step instructions so even a novice like me can try!

Want to see the results?

Of course you do!

It's not perfect but I'm quite impressed that I managed a puff stitch!  Had never even heard of one until this afternoon!

Think I had better try and make some more - maybe during the Eurovision!

Mentioning Deramores, if you don't follow them in one format or another, they are well worth checking out.  Not only do they sell wool and patterns etc but they also feature patterns that are free to download.  This is one of the more recent ones that got my heart beating a little quicker.

My girlies would love these:

Best of friends!

I'm going to have to keep on practising!

Monday sees a hopefully crafty day with Lottie as we are off to shop at Abakahan and Emma Bridgewater - here's hoping a blog post follows with lots of treasures bought!

Happy Eurovisioning

G x


  1. Your daisy square is very pretty. The more I see other peoples crochet on their blogs the more I am tempted to try try and learn x

    1. Oh thank you. I only learnt this year so still a beginner. It's easier than knitting, I'm just a better knitter!!!

  2. Hi, lovely to see your Daisy square...thank you for linking .That little red riding hood is wonderful...but it does look tricky.
    The name of your blog made me smile, mine could be called that too :0)
    Off to follow you.
    Jacquie x

  3. Nice photos....bright and clear....!!
    Thank you so much for linking to this site i love it and for finding that fab pattern....D x

  4. Oh Bunny Mummy's crochet is so lovely. Your daisy square is cute too. Sarah x


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