Sunday 5 May 2013

Rescued Treasure

There has been an enormous amount of skip clearing this past month since the old lady over the road died.  Five huge skips have been filled and taken away as she was, apparently, a bit of a hoarder.  As she was best friends with the man who owned our house, hubby decided to take a sneaky peak in the latest skip to see if there was anything of interest in there.  This is what he brought back to me:

This belonged to the lady opposite and was given to her at school in 1911!

The 6 year old is currently reading this one

This one contained a surprise... was owned by the man who lived here!

This Scottish publication has some great adverts in it:

I think this one has to be read in a clipped British accent

My heart breaks for what other treasures have been as casually thrown away.  I'm sure there was much more that could have filled this house and many others.  I'm glad I was able to rescue some of them.

G x


  1. Well rescued... yes it is really sad that so much treasure gets quietly dumped and so much rubbish is being made and bought... smiles Cass x

  2. Oh g thats heartbreaking....but at least you have these treasures safe now and your girls are enjoying them....well done to MR

  3. Now they will have a lovely new home with someone to treasure them all over again ... Bee xx

  4. Oh my gosh what a travesty that such wonderful books of the past should be thrown into a skip, I only wish you had been able to get more so they could have gone on to bring joy to a new generation.

    Peg xx


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