Wednesday 1 May 2013

Tales from the big city

This weekend saw frantic activity down south in that the hubby and I spent 4 nights in London - on our own!  Girls went to their grandparents and we went on a business trip without them.  This is quite an achievement for myself as I have only ever spent 2 nights without them in the 6 years since our eldest was born.  It must have been okay though as when we went to collect them they asked if next time they could stay for 6 nights instead!!!

We had a busy itinery of things to do and see but as these didn't start until Friday afternoon, I managed to get a morning of shopping in first.  Would have been rude not to.

First stop was Spitafields market.  I had high hopes already in place here so was a little disappointed by the wares I found.  I did manage to pick up a hardback copy of Selina Hastings biography of Nancy Mitford for £1 which was good - and then I found out when I got home I already have it in paperback!!!

A tube ride and a 20 minute walk later saw me on Columbia Road.  Now I was excited.  Not only was there a fabric shop to be found but also this little haven of treasures, all the more delightful as they normally shut on a Friday but today were open!

Apologies for poor quality as all photos taken on phone!

Alas and alack I didn't make any purchases at either store, but could easily have blown my bank account at J&B, their stuff is divine but very expensive unfortunately.

I also found time to pop into Liberty for a bit of fabric stroking.  Wanted to buy the shop but didn't!  I did manage to get a look at a copy of Pip Lincolne's Sew La Tea Do book which has just arrived so I'm going to start dressmaking very soon!

Then it was back to the Tower of London for afternoon tea and a trip to view the crown jewels - diamonds galore!

View from our room

 The evening was spent at a mediaevel banquet which was the most fun (and whilst ringing my mum to check on the girls but I spied David Suchet going in to the building next door - I could have cried with excitement)!

Saturday was a proper tourist day, firstly we took an open-top bus tour round the city, followed by a trip up the Shard!  It's high!

View from floor 72!
After this we went back to our hotel to get ready for dinner and our champagne ride on the London Eye! Thankfully the heavens decided to open as we boarded so the view was a bit blurry but at least we didn't get wet.  A short walk later and we were on our boat for an evening of cruising and dining on a river boat up and down the Thames!

Sunday saw the end of our trip with a bit more shopping thrown in!  Hubby treated me to a Selfridges voucher so we went there first (I got some Cath Kidston pumps plus other bits) and then a stroll onto Carnaby Street to check out Choccywokkydoodah!  If we had had time we would have gone to the cafe but we needed to get back to the girls so I've bookmarked a return visit!

Hope you all had a good weekend too

G x


  1. We were there on sunday too!!....wish we could do some of that there shopping togeteher??? maybe next

    1. Noooo, so near and yet so far. One day definitely x

  2. Sounds like you had fab time ... Bee xx


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