Wednesday 15 May 2013

My month in books

There hasn't been much time for crafting this month as I've had to work every day so my mummy-free time has disappeared.  I am trying to finish knitting a ballet cardigan for the 4 year old though - on the final sleeve, I find sleeves sooooo boring though!

I have found time for lots of reading though.  I recently finished this:

A fantastic summer read with the most gorgeous cover.

And this:

I'd love this as a picture without the text
I had never read a Maggie O'Farrell until this year and now I'm hooked.  Somehow I managed to finish this in just 24 hours!  Don't tell the hubby!

I'm now on this one - a tale of a baby and a dead man washed up at a remote lighthouse in Australia in 1926.  It's not my normal sort of read but I'm loving it so far.

I also bought the new Lisa Jewell as the mention of the 1920s and flappers caught my attention.  I'm looking forward to seeing the new Great Gatsby film at some point. I love that period of time.

Hopefully in the post soon I'll be getting two more reads:

The Silent Wife is set to be a big hit this summer, no more so than that the author A S A Harrison died suddenly last month before seeing its release.

and I'm also waiting on this beauty, The Sacred River by Wendy Wallace; set in Victorian Egypt it follows the tale of three women.  I'm so looking forward to this - the book doesn't even have a cover yet!

I also won a signed copy of the new Tanya Byrne novel which came this week - so many books, so little time!

And of course, I'm still reading Pride & Prejudice for my Pretty Nostalgic book club too!

Hope you're doing something you love too?

G x


  1. Maggie O'Farrell is brilliant. I highly recommend The Hand That First Held Mine and The Vanising Act of Esme Lennox. I loved The Light Between Oceans and it has gone down a treat with bookish friends.

    1. Have got all of them now so when time allows I'll get round to reading them sooner rather than later! X

  2. I only just discovered Maggie O'Farrell too and she's brilliant. I love to read so will check out some of the books you've mentioned. Sarah x


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