Wednesday 9 April 2014

Mrs Bertimus at Hope & Elvis

Did I say I was off to Hope & Elvis at the weekend?!  Mmmm, I thought I did!  I braved the two hour drive back to Nottinghamshire to visit the wonderful studio of the lovely Louise Presley for her first ever Mrs Bertimus crafty day. 

I was soooo nervous!  I'd been to the studio two years ago for a Dottie Angel and Ted & Agnes crafty day, but had never attempted a mixed-media workshop before.  Originality, paint and getting messy are not words that could ever be associated with me!  Thankfully I knew there were going to be cakes so at least I could spend all day munching if nothing else!

Louise's studio

Work by the talented Mister Finch
It was lovely to be back there.  Louise and Miss Debs are just as adorable as they ever were - and they make a mean lunch too, and then there was Mrs B herself!  We 'chat' online but what would she really be like in real-life and not as a 'virtual friend'?

I'm pleased to say, she is totally adorable, very passionate about what she does, and so funny.  I had a wonderful time with her, and her assistant Sam (who reads this blog - or so she says) and laughed, and laughed all day.

I also got to catch up with Caroline who I met last time I was at the studio, and some other bloggy woman who calls herself Daisy Jones tagged on to me and didn't leave my side!!!!!  It was the best day ever. 

Who is this crazy woman?!

Lots of different sorts of crafting, by all sorts of very different people.  I have to say, I didn't quite know where to begin but in the end I made a picture on wood to put up in Agatha van, and a fabric piece too that hubby says cannot possibly be a broach but should be hung up somewhere (out of sight probably)!


I also treated myself to something made by Letitia herself - there was lots to choose from but in the end I went for this lovely bag - gorgeous isn't it!


Letitia also bought us all a present - how gorgeous is this?  It's been put straight into Agatha van for safekeeping!

If you haven't been up to Hope & Elvis I would definitely recommend it.  Louise has lots and lots of very talented people visit, so do pop over to her website and look at the workshop list to see what's going on or coming up.

I'll be back for sure (if they'll have me)!

G x


  1. What fab photos!
    So pleased you had a good time, I had such a laugh you nutter!
    (Meant in the nicest way of course!)

  2. There's always a seat for you here! Thank you so much for making the journey and for doing such a great write up... beaming smile. Louise xx

  3. Looks like you ladies had a fun day, wish I was their too. Lovely pics. X

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful time, I'm going this Saturday, can't wait!! x

  5. Such a lovely round up of the day. Off to "stalk" your blog to find out more about Agatha van!

  6. Ha ha very funny....tagging along as ever...daisy j xx

  7. So glad that you had such a good time and that it lived up to expectations!! Your makes are lovely and should not be hidden away!!! xx

  8. looks all totally perfect, so happy you had a good day, the happiness shines through in your lovely photos xx

  9. Now that looks like a day worth every minute of the journey to get there and home! Wonderful, creative makes! Chrissie x

  10. Lovely post - looks like you had a fab time!

  11. Hi there dearyo....oh what fantastic photos of a fantastic day....lucky lucky you, look at all that wonderful textile loveliness......brilliant.
    Huggy poos xxx

  12. I have one question.....where's the dog??!

  13. I have just one question.......where is the fabulous dog ?!!......xx


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