Saturday 27 February 2016


And yet another month passes by in a flash.  Time certainly seems to be flying by.

I've still not really attempted any sewing at all.  I don't know if this is because Agatha Van is no longer my sewing haven, and it is now the fourth bedroom in my new house, appropriately named #notagathavan or what.  I've got so many projects I would like to be sewing, and the fabric to do it, and yet....something is stopping me.  I desperately want to begin my Merchant & Mills linen skirt.  It's been cut out ready to go for a good six months, if not more, and yet there it still sits, unstitched and destined to never be finished.  I did buy some gorgeous fabric the other week though - but what to turn it into?!

In other news, I made a mini crochet shawl the other week.  I'm not entirely convinced it's big enough but some very talented crocheters over on IG liked my picture which was incredibly flattering!

I've also restarted my hexipuffs from the Beekeeper's Quilt by tiny owl knits.  Since beginning this project, Stephanie has got married and had a baby and I've still only made a handful of these beauties.  I am improving though and can rustle one up in about 30 minutes, which when I started out on the double-pin journey I feared I'd never be able to make one, let alone 12!

I was heavily tempted to pop on over to Abakhan today for a fabric/yarn fix and then I got my sensible head on which told me to actually use some of the stash I've got here rather than buying more to sit unused in a cupboard.  I've started this project this afternoon and have already used almost one ball.  It's a quick easy knit, and the wool is really nice to use too.  It's nice to have something I don't really need to concentrate on, unlike those hexis!

I've seen a gorgeous project over on Instagram for this gorgeous cowl made by Chelsea Berkompas called Rooted.  I adore the colours she has chosen for this.  Maybe when I've finished the above project?!

Right, I had better away, I've at least 5 book reviews to be getting on with.  Don't forget, if you love to read, please pop on over to my book blog and say hello!  And while I remember, the winner of my Tiny Toys to Knit book was Henrietta Bird - so well done to you.  I'll be in touch shortly for your address!

G x

Monday 15 February 2016

January and a giveaway!

I can't believe the first month of the year has gone already and that we are now halfway through month two.  Time really does seem to be flying by.  I've also had the keys for my new house two months and that's a frightening thought.

In terms of crafting, I'm still carrying on with those projects started last year, ie that sleeve that still isn't finished but I came to a point where I needed to see some completion so I've been working on some smaller and quicker projects just so I could see some end results.

I haven't really done any sewing as such, but I did rustle up these bears for my girlies from an early edition of Love Sewing magazine that I've used before.  Thankfully there were both happy with them.

Last year I brought some Drops craft cotton yarn to make dishcloths with and it's been sitting around waiting ever since.  It's great to work with, comes in some fab colours and is less than £1.00 a ball (I got mine from Wool Warehouse which I love to use).  I made the first one (the raspberry shade) from a pattern in 30 Minute Knits and the mustard one I made up using my book 250 Knitting StitchesI have to say, having never used the cotton to make a dishcloth before that I wondered how it would last but I've used them constantly, they haven't lost their colour or shape and they still look as good as they did when they came off of the needles.  I've got another two balls left to use so I'll be whipping up some more when I get the chance.

Speaking of my 30 minute knits book that I borrowed from the library - it's not 30 minutes, no siree bob it's not, in fact I'd love to rename this book because I've used it before and it didn't take me 30 minutes then to make either the wristwarmers or the bobble hat and I'm not a particularly slow knitter either!  Anyway, the 7year old liked the look of the little bear in the book so I said I would make him for her.  He took hours and then she wanted a scarf for him too!  He's cute though.

If, like me, you are feeling the need to make something small, the fabulous people over at Search Press have given me a copy of Tiny Toys to Knit by Sachiyo Ishii to giveaway.  All you have to do is leave a comment right here telling me which design you would make first, or over on my Instagram page (@thecraftyreader) to be in with a chance of winning.  If you enter here and on my IG page, that's two entries.  I'll close the competition at 6pm UK time on Sunday 21st February so good luck and off you go.

G x