Monday, 8 August 2016

Tilda Memory Lane & Cabbage Rose blog hop

Today's blog post is part of a blog hop courtesy of stitch, craft, create who sent me this gorgeous Tilda Memory Lane and Cabbage Rose fabric to use and review.  Can I firstly say a big thank you to Nadine for organising this and sending the fabric over - it really is gorgeous.

I couldn't initially decide what to make with my fabric.  I wanted something that I would use, but what?!  Yesterday though inspiration took hold as I have wanted to make some bunting for my lounge for ages now to go across my window as I have an unused curtain pole that runs along the ceiling that is crying out to be decorated - I'd use my fabric for that!

I got busy cutting and stitching yesterday and I love the effect. 

I saved one of the pieces because I'm going to make a cushion for the lounge at a later date but can I say, do check out this fabric as the feel, quality and pattern of the pieces I was sent are excellent and I think it's a range I will be buying more of in the future.

G x


  1. Cute, cute. Love Tilda fabrics.

  2. Love your bunting-what a great idea, and a cushion would really tie it all in. I am in love with these fabric lines!

  3. Love your bunting, gorgeous fabric xxx

  4. Lovely to see you promoting Felpham on your instagram...I live right by that 'Hammer time' sign! Had I known you were coming... xx
    ps Great bunting, how do you get folks to send you such lovely stuff?

  5. No way! My brother lives in Felpham so we had a free holiday there, what a small world this is. Think Nadine found my blog and asked me to join in. I am lucky, its gorgeous fabric x

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