Saturday 21 March 2015

250 Knitting Stitches

I have just found the perfect knitting compendium from Search Press.  It's called 250 Knitting Stitches by Debbie Tomkies and it's fabulous.  The instructions are clear, as are the photographs, so you can see just how your work is supposed to look!  There are also written, and chart instructions too.
Acrobats cable
I can't wait to try some of these ideas out, I'm thinking a knitting squares blanket, made up of lots of different stitch patterns.  Now I've mastered using a cable needle, I can see endless possibilities coming up!
Spring Flowers
That is, of course, once I've finished the yoga blanket and the odds-and-ends blanket!

Happy weekend everyone

G x

Saturday 14 March 2015

Going back to my roots

Thanking Debbie over at qalballah for reminding me that I hadn't yet bought the Winter issue of 60 North Magazine - a magazine all about Shetland.  I'd seen it ages ago and meant to buy it, and then something must have distracted me because I didn't press the order button.  Debbie's post reminded me of that, only when I went on the website, I found out that it had now SOLD OUT!

I tried to find other stockists - to no avail, so I emailed the magazine to tell them of my plight.  Thankfully an emailed reply came letting me know that a copy had been found at the Shetland Museum and Archivse Shop and would be waiting for me to call and pay for.  It arrived this week and it's lovely.

The new Spring issue
My great great great something grandfather is buried on Shetland, as my ancestors on my mother's side came over on the longships from faraway lands in the form of the Vikings and settled in the north of Scotland.  Whilst I am English, my roots have always had an allegiance to my Scottish ancestors - wow betide anyone who calls at my parent's house when the Calcutta cup is being played as we are a house divided - with two English supporters, and two Scottish ones!  Our daughters also have a family maiden name as their middle name as it is a naming tradition in Scotland, that we have continued.

As an extra treat, I've subscribed to 60 North magazine for a year for my mum for mother's day.  I'm pretty sure she's going to love it. 

If you head on over to the website you can order the current issue, or download all the earlier issues for free - how amazing is that?!

G x

Saturday 7 March 2015

Tales of an odds-and-ends blanket

I'm still hooking the granny square blanket - I'm on row 30ish of my total of 60 set by Caroline over at Gran Plumley (find her on instagram people, she doesn't blog so much these days). 

Anyway, in between the still-hooking, Caroline made me an odds-and-ends blanket from her stash.  It arrived the other week and everyone loves it - apparently the general consensus is that it is nicer than mine, particularly as she has used glittery wool in her hooking!

I have to confess, she is a darn sight quicker at the old hooking than I am - but I'm blaming school for my lack of making time.  My original 13 day supply job has continued thus far and as it stands, I am set to be there every week day until the end of April!  I am very tired - 27 extremely small people are a handful to teach, but I am loving it too.

Looking good on the sofa
The odds-and-ends blanket needed some love to get it finished, so I've cheated = it is an odds-and-ends blanket no more for I went onto the wool warehouse website and ordered myself some more stylecraft dk!  Oops.  However, it will be used up for another blanket or such so I guess the name odds-and-ends can continue?!

I've also got some fab knitting and other such books that have arrived to blog about - so bare with me, and all will be revealed soonish!

G x

Tuesday 3 March 2015

Little Lady Liberty Blog Hop

Today I'm taking part in the blog hop for Alice Caroline's new book Little Lady Liberty, a beautiful book, with over 20 things to make for little girls in adorable Liberty fabrics, for beginner and experienced sewers alike!  As a mum of two girls, what's not to love?  I'm lucky enough to have been able to interview the author herself for the blog.  You can find the other's taking part in the blog tour here  Here's what she had to say....
Hi Alice, thanks for taking part in an interview for Crafting not Cleaning.
You’re welcome, thanks for joining in 
Would you please describe yourself in 5 words?
Liberty fabric obsessed creative sewer 
How old were you when you first started sewing?
ooh I’m not sure, i remember sewing at primary school age. I’ve always loved sewing, my mum taught me and my grandmother was an avid quilter. She also did tapestry and made a crochet table cloth which took 40 years to make!
Do you do any other crafts - like knitting or crochet, or are you strictly a sewer?
I’m mostly a sewer although I also enjoy drawing and painting. I have dabbled with knitting, but I only knit squares! I would love to learn crochet one day but am not letting myself into another craft yet - too many unfinished sewing projects!
What 'top tips' can you advise all us newbie sewers out there?
Have a go! don’t be scared to make mistakes, it’s all part of the learning process - have a stitch un-picker handy!
I love this cushion design
I know from your twitter timeline that you watch the GBSB.  Who's your favourite to win this year and why?
Probably the Army Guy Neil as he took his sewing machine on tour to Bosnia!! Awesome!!
Thank you Alice for that great interview.  You can find more about Alice, her Liberty fabrics, kits and patterns over at and on her blog
My girls love this Mia doll
G x