Saturday 26 March 2016

Beauty Blogging

It's a little beauty post here on the old blog today - not something I usually do but here we go regardless.  I've been using the bestselling Cleanse and Polish from Liz Earle for a very long time, and when I recently ran out, I decided to look around and see what other products were available that were similar in nature but maybe not so in price.  I scoured the internet and came across the Pure range from M&S.  At twice the size, and half the price of the beselling brand, I figured I'd give their hot cloth cleanser a go. 

It comes in two varieties, the original, and rose, so I ordered both.  I've only used the original one so far but I have to say, I think it's as good as what I was using before.

I also managed to get my hands on one of the most talked about moisturisers around, thanks to India Knight and her review of it in The Sunday Times Style section a few weeks ago.  It's by Bliss who are a spa company and it's called Drench 'n' Quench.  It's billed as being a 'transformative cream to water moisturiser' and I have to say, I'm hooked on it already.

It looks like a turquoise gel and you apply and rub in for 30 seconds and then it transforms and feels more like a powder.  It doesn't contain an SPF or anti-ageing products but it plumps and fills your face with much needed hydration.  If you can get your hands on it, then at £29.50 for 50ml I'd say you have nothing to loose but it took me a lot of web-searching before I found this now sold-out product.

G x