Saturday 20 April 2013

Sharing the love

I'm getting a little excited now in preparation for Tuesday 23rd April.

For those of you not in the know, it's the third annual World Book Night and I'm a giver again.

Let me explain if you haven't a scooby doo what I'm on about.

World Book Night began in 2011 and the basis behind this is to spread the love of reading a good book.  I didn't take part that year (not brave enough) but I participated last year.  I was one of 20,000 people chosen to distribute copies of I Capture The Castle by Dodi Smith and I went up and down the local town, into shops and the hospital, as well as door knocking and approaching strangers on the street to see if they wanted to read a copy.

This was the reworked cover I gave out - love that dress!

I loved it, so I applied again for this year, and got chosen!!!  This year I am giving out copies of The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde which is a quirky tale sent in 1985 but not the 1985 we remember.  Literary detective Thursday Next needs to help rescue Jane Eyre who has been kidnapped, or the fate of the novel, and many others will be changed before her very eyes!

Original cover

Reworked cover
 Again, me and my trusty 4 year old sidekick will be trawling the streets near us giving out copies of this wonderful book to anyone who looks like they might enjoy it.  Only light-readers or non-readers need apply! 

See you Tuesday

G x

Monday 15 April 2013

Pretty Nostalgic

Having a lovely time all on my own today.  Hubby has taken the girlies away for a 'daddy weekend' leaving me to play by myself.  We try to do this at least once a year and it's great for all involved.

So...while they are kicking up their heels in Wales, I caught the train ooop north to the Vintage Village market in Stockport.

 It occurs on the second Sunday of each month and is well worth a visit.  Every event has a theme too, this one was Westwood Ho! so staller holders and visitors were encouraged to dress in their best Westwood or tartan outfits.  I was tempted to go in my tartan skirt but as it's a) short and b) bubble shaped I decided that with this wind that is occuring I'd be better off in my jeans! 

I knew that Emma would be there from oooh betty so I trundled on over to say a 'hello' to her.  She was so lovely and nice to me, even when I popped back to say hello again, and again.  I didn't buy anything from her stall, despite wanting to; I think I need a fox in a box.

I got some nice flowery fabric though, a sheet, and some pillowcases.  I turned some of the sheet into a skirt yesterday. 

Skirt made from this with some cream trim around the bottom

I also saw this granny dress and fell in love with it.  It cost a mere £5!  I decided it needed blinging though so I sewed the lace onto the pockets and around the edge when I got home.

The other thing I treated myself too, and I blame Emma for this as she blogged about it recently, is a subscription to Pretty Nostalgic magazine.  Oh my goodness me, it is divine.

It's a newish magazine that started last year and comes out 6 times a year.  It's pricey (at £8 an issue) but is more like a book that a standard magazine, being smaller and printed onto much thicker paper.  Can I also add it smells gorgeous too.

They were doing a special offer with 25% off subscriptions and a free back-issue and card too so I just had to subscribe, didn't I?!  I chose the gorgeous issue 5 and ended up buying the current issue, 6, too.  The other issues are available to get online so I may just save up the pennies to get the whole kit and caboodle.

Sam is the regional manager for the north and she was lovely - she has a blog, and is on twitter too if you fancy following her, and if you haven't read about the book group they have started running, let Emma guide you through her first one.

Beautiful card

I've got until 5pm today on my own but don't know where to begin.  So much to do, and so little time to do it in.  Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Back to school tomorrow!

G x

Thursday 11 April 2013

My! What big eyes you have!

All the better to see you with!  And my eye spied this yesterday whilst visiting the Most Marvellous shop (again) when on a visit to my parents house!  It's becoming a bit of a ritual now, even the girls asked when we were going in!  I love it in there, there is always something to buy!

Red Riding Hood Basket

What do you think?

I've been looking for a whicker basket for ages but not found a substantial one.  This one is really heavy and I love that it has a lid.

Do you think it needs lining?  Do say.

We haven't seen much of hubby of late as he has been busy squirreling away building a gazebo for friends, so on Sunday we took a much-needed family trip out.  We decided to go across the border in Wales as we never go there, and do some exploring, dog included.

We went across an aquaduct built by Thomas Telford, with a canal running on the top of it.  I'm not great with heights and I must admit, walking across made me feel a wee bit dizzy.  The worst bit was having to pass people!  We then found a lovely cafe run by volunteers grannies in the community centre.  Hubby was a bit unsure to start with, he had spied a posh coffee shop earlier along the way, but my heart knew this was 'the one'.  For a mere £4 we had a pot of tea, juice for the girls and four, yes four, cakes!  All on mis-matched china too.  Hubby was actually very impressed.  Girls got to spin around in the play area too which they loved before we all headed back along that narrow bridge!

We then drove around the Horseshoe Pass, there was still loads of snow, as the hubby was keen to demonstrate!

It was nice to have some family time.

Talking of nice things, I also won a copy of Polly Williams' new book by just doing a re-tweet (or RT for those in the know) on Twitter!  How nice is that?

Hope you are all enjoying the last week of the hols.  Hubby is taking the girls away on Sunday for the night so I'm hoping to get a little crafting done and for inspiration I'm off to the Vintage Village fair at Stockport on Sunday.  I'm hoping to meet Emma from Oooh Betty as she will be there.  I am a little nervous if truth be told, what if she doesn't like me?

Hopefully I'll have treasures to show from there!

G x