Tuesday 19 February 2013

Style Crush

Do you have a style crush?  Or are you totally confident with how you look?

My early (and still) style crush was the late, great Paula Yates. 

She always looked amazing and could rock a frock like no other.  Oh, to be so glamourous!

Since stopping work, and having the girls, my style has changed.  Gone are the days of traipsing off to school in skirts and heels, and now I live in jeans and flats.  I do not like this look.  I need to get back to being me - somehow, somewhere, she is out there.

If you haven't met the Larson sisters yet, from across the pond in the USofA, then do check them out, they are the most stylish, vintage pair of girlies ever.  They have been featured in Mollie Makes magazine so must rock!

They run Red Velvet which is a beautiful mix of clothes and baking - what's not to like?  Elsie also has a blog which is well worth a peek at!  They now work with someone else who I have a style crush on, and that's Katie Shelton from Skunkboy 

She makes me want to have my hair this colour again!

But to be totally honest with you all, I'd be happy to be me,  if only I had a row of Dottie Angel dresses to slip into every day!  If only my sewing skills were better!

Who is your style crush?

G x


  1. Oooh I want a Dotty Angel dress too! :)

  2. I am currently aiming for Claudia Winkleman....I used to be more Paula Yates!

  3. Oh how funny, Claude is my other style crush but I didn't put her on (ask Daisy J, she will confirm)! x


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