Monday 19 May 2014

Love at First Stitch

Love at First Stitch: Demystifying Dressmaking by Tilly Walnes
Published by Quadrille
8th May 2014
Paperback Edition

Do you remember that I said I had a review copy of this in my hands?  Of course you do!  I have to say, I did do a squeal of joy, and some seal-style hand clapping when Quadrille announced that yes, of course, I could have a copy of the lovely Tilly Buttons' new book.  I was under strict instructions NOT to review it before publication, but now it's available for everyone to look at, here's my review.
Firstly, lovely book.  Gorgeous layout, lots of poppingly bright colours inside, and lovely clear photographs that show you just what you should be doing.  I hate it when there aren't lots of pictures, I'm a visual learner, I like to see what it should be looking like (recipe books take note!).
Photos borrowed from the lovely Tilly's website
Tilly introduces each pattern, and then shows you different ways in which you can alter this, for example by adding a pocket.  Small things but they do make a difference to the finished garment.
The patterns, all new ones, include the Brigitte scarf, the Delphine skirt (the one on the cover) and the Mimi blouse.  There are also two dress patterns, another skirt pattern and a pair of pyjama trousers to be made, all available in 8 different sizes.
I decided to be brave, and not only review the book but also to try making something from it myself to show if it really could be done.  Whilst the girlies played on Saturday, I decided that I'd make the Margot pyjamas from a charity-shop brought duvet cover.
I have to say, the instructions were clear.  Tilly does state that the pattern pieces might not match up but to get your side seams together and everything will be okay.  I was daunted.  My trouser legs did not match-up.  Had I done something wrong?  I matched the seams and sewed anyway, nothing like taking a risk now and again.  I sewed them together.  They hung right, in other words, it had worked!  Tilly was right - thankfully.
I added a drawstring - orange bias binding though I will change it for some ribbon once I get the change to go to the haberdashery.  Then came the moment of truth - would they, could they, did they fit?  I opted for size 3 as I'm about a size 12 and they seem just fine.   I cheated a little and didn't zigzag finish my seams, which I should have done, but I just wanted to try to actually finish them and see if they worked.  Next time, I'll do the finishing properly - promise!
Here they are!  Very funky if I do say so myself!
I think this is a fab book to get started with on dressmaking.  It's perfectly suited for beginners and advanced sewers will just whizz through the patterns - all of which are included, no downloading to be done here.  Also, if you subscribe to Love Sewing magazine, they are offering the book for new subscribers, so be quick about it!  If you want to see more, Tilly has reviewed it on her own blog too.
I can't wait to get started on project where did Tilly get that lemon fabric from?....
G x


  1. Oh super duper and yes very funky!!
    I love some of the fabric she has used, but I am on a promise to use up all mu bits first!!
    d xxxxxx

  2. I have the book too and I agree it's a gorgeous book. Your PJ trousers look great! You have totally inspired me to make a pair as I have an old duvet cover around somewhere that I can use, tan I you for that!
    Marianne x

  3. Great review!! Your PJ trousers look good, glad that they worked out so well for you. xx

  4. Thank you for your lovely comments. It's a fab, fun book and I'm certainly happy with my pjs! X

  5. I so want to do some dress making!
    Loved your are v talented x


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