Saturday 16 May 2015

Julie Arkell

Oh my goodness me, I meant to blog this super day out at the Hope and Elvis studio weeks ago but I've been so busy I haven't had a chance.

At the end of last month I was very lucky to get a coveted place on the Julie Arkell stitchy day up at Louise's studio.

There were less than 20 of us there on the day, but over 150 people applied to go - such is the draw of the wonderful Ms Arkell.  To say I was in awe of her is an understatement, but she is super nice and friendly - and if she ends up on Instagram, it's all down to me!!!!!

We started off by making wooly war brooches.  This is mine - I don't know if you can see, but it says Happy on it, because that is how I always feel when I go to H&E.  I always seem to end up sitting with the naughty, giddy people though - Louise must think I'm such a rogue!

We were having such a good time I barely took any photos though!

In the afternoon we were able to make our own Julie Arkell inspired thingy.  I chose to make a watch, using one of Louise's own vintage watch straps that she had recently acquired.  I don't think it is finished yet, for I believe it needs more adding to it - when I have a mo that is!

Julie 'admiring' my watch!

I finished stitching it at 2:50 pm
I wanted so much to buy a piece of Julie's work but alas and alack the pennies weren't flowing sufficiently for that to occur - her stuff is not cheap, no siree bob it's not, but I did get some postcards to sit alongside my books.

I hope I can meet her again for some more making!

G x


  1. You are so lucky to hav been on one of her workshops!

  2. Oh wow, lucky you so glad you enjoyed it, emma (vanilla squirrel) is going soon too!
    d xxx

  3. Love the loo selfie!
    Love your makes x

  4. It looks like you had such an amazing day!


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