Wednesday 15 April 2015

It started with a... on Instagram by the lovely @bodkincreates, aka Hesta who makes lots and lots of different bits way down south in Sidmouth.  Hesta posted a picture of one of her beautiful crochet nests, and I was smitten.

She runs workshops to make them, but as she is so far away from me, there was no chance that I could attend one so I asked her if she sells them.  A hesitant reply came, and it was a sort of maybe!

Time continued, and lots of other photos, plus some more nest pictures came and went over on IG and I kept up my hinting.  Then came the reply I was looking for, a nest of my own was to be winging it's way to me, once Hesta could bear to part with it!

My nest arrived today and it is beautiful.  It is so intricate and delicate I'm glad it safely made the journey northwards in it's cardboard box.  I plan for it to reside in Agatha van where I can marvel in all her beauty whenever I am crafting away.

I've not managed to make very much recently as I'm still teaching, but I did start, and finish, a Ros Badger bow scarf which I'm delighted with, and the lady herself commented on how great my knitting was over on Twitter - squeal.  Think I'd better go and make another now (despite the heatwave)!

And talking of heatwaves, I've finally gotten around to ordering my Salt-water sandals!!!!!  Having not found a stockist to try them on, I was dubious about ordering online.  However, if you go onto the Salt-water website they have a template to download so you can see which size fits you!  Hopefully I've got it right, and my sandals are on their way right now.  I'm thinking I need these exact socks to go with them too!

G x

Friday 10 April 2015

A Good Yarn

A Good Yarn by Katherine Poulton
Published by Kyle Books
18th September 2014
Hardback Edition

From the co-founder of the fashion industries favourite ethical knitwear brand, The North Circular, comes a collection of 30 beautiful and stylish knitted projects, including gloves, snoods, scarves and hats. With clear instructions and beautiful photography, A Good Yarn is perfect for first-time and experienced knitters alike. Katherine's keen eye for style means that you'll be knitting eye-catching and fashionable accessories for yourself and loved ones. From Classic Bobble, Rib Beanie to cosy Knee Socks and Moss Eternity Scarf, the 30 projects in this book show you how to knit your own timeless pieces. The book also includes advice on choosing the right yarn, explanations of knitting abbreviations and step-by-step instructions as to how to get started. There is also advice on ethical buying and sourcing local, sustainable wool Handmade doesn't have to mean compromising on style or quality.

Oh the irony of posting a review of a knitting book for hats and scarves etc on what is forcast to be the hottest day of the year, but then there is nothing like being prepared for the forthcoming seasons and planning your accessories for the autumn/winter to come.

A Good Yarn is by Katherine Poulton, model and knitter.  Alongside her friend (and also top model) Lily Cole, they have founded The North Circular which aims to change the way that ethical knitting is seen.  Between them, they have produced A Good Yarn, a book with 30 patterns for hats, scarves, socks and gloves, knitted, in dare I say it, gorgeous (but pricey) wool.

Chunky Stripe Hat
Lily perfectly captures the ethos behind A Good Yarn. 'We are all so increasingly obsessed and addicted to the new...that there's a danger of us forgetting to look back, appreciate and hold onto the amazing things, values, skills and traditions that previous generations and the past offer us. I'm really interested in marrying the old and the new...wearing a modern sleek designed hat, hand knitted old-school style in real wool!'

Aaron Gloves
It's definitely a coffee table book this one.  The photographs are gorgeous, as are the models, of which Lily Cole plays a staring role, and with the exception of just one pattern (the balaclava - don't even go there), the others are all really nice, and makeable; which makes a nice change from getting a book in which you find yourself only wanting to make a handful of the patterns included.

Moss Eternity Scarf
I have to say, I thought the layout of the book was great, because everything is actually very well laid out and spaced out.  Nothing has been squashed up, and there are lots of great photos accompanying every project.  I like that.  There is also a section at the end on yarn choice, and knitting techniques, should you require them.

Narwhal blanket
My biggest dilemma is actually which project to begin first, and then, of course, will I look as adorable as Lily in any of my creations?  Only time, and the coming autumn, will tell!

G x

Tuesday 7 April 2015


It must be Easter because it was time for the annual caravan cleaning session to begin at the weekend.

It's an regular event here, which sees me now cleaning two caravans as best as I can and as quickly as I can.  By last night I was looking rather green.  The problem with having two caravans in a tree-lined garden is that they do tend to deposit their green foliage onto all stationary buildings, and our special spaces are no strangers to that rule.

On Sunday as the weather was dry and reasonably sunny, I made a start on the girlies caravan.  They have had this for a number of years now, made by my out-laws as a surprise Christmas gift. 

And then of course it was Agatha's turn.  Her current appearance did not speak of being my pride and joy but more of a sadly neglected storage container dumped at the bottom of the garden.

Armed with hosepipe, bowl of soapy water and my new scrubbing brush, I was soon cleaning away yesterday in the Spring sunshine.  My new decking area is almost complete, and hubby has promised me electricity to her anytime soon so Agatha van will soon be more than just a hidey hole for all my bits and pieces, but a proper crafty caravan all of my own!

She looks a bit more cherished now she is cleaner:

And modelling her new numberplate, which was my mother's day present most gloriously in the sunshine I think

Did you all have a lovely Easter too?  My girlies are away so I have every intention of sewing something between now and when they return on Thursday, and maybe even getting the overlocker out of the box for the first time since buying it!  I might just have a quick flick through my new read first though...

G x