Sunday 10 February 2013

Weekend Baking

Mmmmm a nice bit of cake to make a wet weekend seem a little less dreary is always on the cards here.

Yesterday I planned on baking some chocolate brownies to take on my girls night out but the oven had different ideas, and decided to stop working!  The fact that I cleaned it all out on Friday has nothing to do with it apparently, but if I had known in advance I could have saved myself the bother!

With a new oven installed today (the additional one for my new kitchen later in the year) I decided that I would continue with my baking plans.

First up, a lovely lemon drizzle cake from the Primrose Bakery book - never fails and is totally delicious.  Last week I made an orange version which was yummy, but just not the same!

Whilst that was baking, resting in the fridge was the mixture for the ultra moorish Chocolate Crackles from the second Great British Bake-Off book.  It makes 30 - who am I to argue with that?!

Now I'm off to watch the rugby (after a stella result from my boys in blue yesterday) and put the chicken in to roast - might have to have a cookie/slice of cake whilst doing so.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend

G x


  1. Yum Yum piggy's bum!!
    did you used to say that when small?....we still do!!
    D xx

    1. No, it was deemed rude!!!!! Tee hee. Pleased to say that all evidence of my baking session has vanished inside four tummy already! We are greedy piggies! x


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