Tuesday 30 July 2013

Camping a deux

So the girlies have gone away for a few days with their grandparents (Legoland and the beach apparently) so hubby and I decided to book ourselves a brief caravaning holiday in Enid whilst they did.  We went to a lovely site called Daisy Bank about 40 minutes away from here on the Welsh border.  Boy was it quiet, the only noise you could hear was that of the sheep bleeting in the field at the end of the site!  No kiddies, no loud music, no nothing!  We were practically the youngest there!  But it was nice.

No!  I'm NOT a poodle!

The view

Evenings spent playing this!

You could stay in a pod!

The latest Simple Things magazine - a perfect recipe for my newly purchased lavender and nutmeg sugar!

Weather has been a bit unpredictable of late, so we were prepared for a few showers, which we got.  I managed to sneak a morning off by myself to Newtown to have a rummage around the charity shops, whilst hubby stayed in bed watching Not Going Out on his ipad!  I got some pretty things which I'll show next time.

We visited a couple of castle sites, one at Dolforwyn and the other at Montgomery. 

We also wandered round the towns of Bishops Castle and Montgomery - I think we want to move here!  Bishops Castle had been yarnbombed, I was in my element!  And the bookshop stocks Pretty Nostalgic magazine too!

Statue outside The Deli

Statue above The Music Vaults pub

Yarnbombing at the bookshop

the most beautiful house!

Needless to say, I did find time for some crafting, my blanket for use in Enid is coming along well, over 20 rounds completed so far, but I am not looking forward to sewing in the ends!  I also did some reading (well, why not) and found this fantastic book set in Shropshire.

In 1988 Katherine Swift arrived at the Dower House in Morville to create a garden of her own.  This beautifully written, utterly absorbing book is the history of the many people who have lived in the same Shropshire house, tending the same soil, passing down stories over the generations.  Spanning thousands of years The Morville Hours takes the form of the medieval Books of Hours.  It is a meditative journey through the seasons, but also a journey of self-exploration.  It is a book about finding one's place in the world and putting down roots.

This is so not my normal read, but I am loving it and I highly recommend it!

Thank you and welcome to my new followers, it's lovely to meet you all on here.

Are you having a good summer holiday too?

G x


  1. Sounds like the perfect little getaway ... Bee xx

  2. What a lovely break... I like the pod :)

  3. What a beautiful place!
    Thanks for sharing x


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