Monday 4 November 2013

The History Girls

We've just had half-term here, and for once, didn't spend it at home.  This wasn't by choice, no siree-bob but because the hubby decided this would be an ideal week to remove the walls and ceilings in our teeny tiny bungalow as part of the ongoing plans to make it into a bigger house.  So, hubby stayed in Enid and battled his way through bricks and dust for a week, and I headed down south to stay with my parents.

I wasn't sure what to do with our time, so had a bit of an internet search and decided to indulge in my love of history to do something both fun and educational with the girlies.

Firstly we went to the museum in Towcester.  My former home town was originally of Roman origin and lots of artifacts have been found of late to build up a picture of what it would have been like when it was Lactodorum.  We had lots of fun finding the artifacts hidden on our finder-sheets and the girlies even got a rubber each as a prize - what's not to like?!  They also dressed up as Romans!

For our second trip out, we headed down the road to Bletchley to the home of the code-breaking site of Bletchley Park.  I can't believe we have never been before, but for £15 I get a year's admission and the girlies go for free.  On Wednesday they had a family fun day, full of code-breaking activities.  We all had a fantastic day out and will definitely be going back.

I didn't get much time for crafting - I only managed another two squares for my cushion, but I have completed one side, I just need to sew it all together.  Am now trying to decide whether to do the same for the back, or use fabric.  Any suggestions?

I read lots though and got through 3 books in the week which was pretty impressive.  They were all review titles so you'll be able to find out more on here soon.  I totalled up my review books to date, I have 15 more to do!  That's a lot of reading!

Speaking of reading, look what I found in the supermarket today!  I haven't heard anything about this title at all but had to get it.  Hope it's fabulous.

Beautiful magazine - anyone else got it?

I also picked this up from the library this week, gorgeous things in it.  I wish my girlies were younger, they would have loved the pull-along elephant and the busy book.  I think I'll make the hopscotch though - a great idea for indoors.

An indoors outdoors blanket

Bella Boo puppy is settling in well - apparently she is an extra birthday present!  I also go the most gorgeous flowers from my parents as an early gift as I won't be seeing them until after the big day.  I cried!

Megan and Bella

Tis all for now.  Am off to try to beat the showers on the school run.

G x


  1. Gosh, I hope that the building works are going well. Sounds like a lot of work. Looks as though you made the most of your time away though, lots of fun! xx


  2. For someone who didn't do much crafting, you sure got a lot of art in.
    History, family - it's all enriching. My 2 cents worth would be to have a fabric back, that way the front is highlighted and the back gives extra strength.

  3. Well done for salvaging a half term amidst the upheaval of the house! I'd try fabric for the cushion, just for a bit of variety. And I love love love that Belle & Boo book, I have it and I think I'll make the embroidered bunny cushion first...your puppy is just too cute for words! Chrissie x

  4. Oh I saw that magazine and wondered what it would be like...
    Love those squares for your cushion.
    Marianne x

  5. Wow! You are a super- Mum indeed!


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