Monday 8 September 2014

Confidence blip

Argh! is how I'm feeling right now.  I've bought a new pattern, infact my first ever paper pattern I should add, as all of my others are from books.  I bought it because the gorgeous Hettie Brown made this dress just last week and I fell in love with the dress so ordered it for myself to make.

Photo from The Woven Nest

The pattern has been delivered.  I have fabric to make the pattern. I still need the zip but that is neither here nor there.  I started tracing out the pattern this morning but have just run out of tracing paper.  I need more to continue but even as I trace, my head believes that I cannot make this dress, for it is too difficult for me.  I have little sewing confidence, I doubt myself at the best of times.  I have not rushed out to buy more paper and a zip.  I do not know if this dress will be made.  Of this, I feel a little sad.

On a more positive note, for fear of depressing all and sundry, we spent the weekend oop-north as hubby was entered into the Great North Run.  Saturday was spent wandering around Durham and Sunday was 'Race Day'.

 I love the name of this shop
A huge vintage clothes shop that would make even Dawn O'Porter squeal

Unfortunately we did not get to see hubby running his race on Sunday, or anyone else for that matter, as by the time we had dropped him off in Newcastle town centre then navigated our way (2 girlies and 2 dogs) around a very poorly signed diversion to South Shields, we couldn't get to the finishing line to see him cross over, so we waited at the family reunion area, under the flag of 'T' as pre-arranged to congratulate him on his success.  He came in 10,283rd place in 1:57:33 which he is very pleased with.  I'm glad he did it and am very proud of him.

I'm also getting on with my Tiny Owl Knits cowl.  It feels like I have done loads but in fact am probably only a third of the way through!  There are lots of ends to sew in but I am mastering the circular needles which had taunted me from on high for so long.  I am no longer afraid!

When we arrived back, oh so late, yesterday, I found my copy of the latest Pretty Nostalgic magazine on the doorstep.  My article on 'taking tea with Agatha Christie' is inside.  This made me grin from ear to ear!  I've also been sent a review copy of the new Poirot book by Sophie Hannah - it arrived on Friday and I did stop breathing as I opened it!  So far, it's very good!  You'll have to check out my other blog to find out what I think in the end though!

Right, I'm away to ... well  I don't know what to do... the non-sewing sewing has left me feeling a bit empty.

G x


  1. Oh Missy dont give up, get back on the horse!!
    ( and don't trace it just pin them their pieces straight on the fabric and cut it out inc all the notches!!)
    Do one tiny bit a day, its a cute dress!
    bestest Daisy aka A xx

  2. Your written piece in PrettyNostalgic was brilliant!
    I am so impressed, when's your novel out?

    1. Aww thank you. Would love to write a novel.... x

  3. Congratulations to you for that article, and to hubby for a great run! You both deserve a big cake and some bubbly! Please don't despair over the sewing - I want to make that dress, too, and I'm sure we can! One step at a time (and listen to Miss Lazy Daisy, she is the perfect confidence booster, believe me!). Right, I'm off to order it, you cut your fabric! Chrissie xxx

  4. Keep going with your dress. I'm impressed that you are even attempting it! I would be terrified. Loved your Pretty Nostalgic article and well done to your hubby. Bee xx

  5. Now then Mrs I can't!! If I can you can oakey donkey, it comes up small so do a size bigger don't trace your pattern just cut out and pin,,, I didn't bother with zip in the end cause I got it on without it!! Like daisy says take your time, don't rush YOU CAN DO IT !!!!!! Love hettie xxxxxxxx


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