Tuesday 29 January 2013

Hey Foxy Lady

On Friday, Lazy Daisy Jones set herself a twitter challenge: to find, make and blog a crafty item in a day.  Fantastic, I thought, I'll have a go at that.  Only problem was it was 3:00 in the afternoon, the school run and ballet class loomed along with cooking tea and putting small children to bed.  But I'll have a go I decided.

First a quick perusal of my collection of Mollie Makes magazines - issue 2 invited me to make a foxy lady and how was I to resist?

By the end of Friday I had cut out the felt and assembled her tail!  By Saturday afternoon, in between the daily chores, she had a face, and by Sunday, after finishing the ironing, she was stuffed and complete!

Hi, I'm CiCi the fox

Not quite a choose, make and blog in a day kind of challenge, but almost...almost!

G x


  1. She is a sweetie...I must do some more 'perusing' myself the old issues are always worth revisiting..........D x

    1. Thanks D. I got them all out and wrote in my Dottie Angel notebook all of the projects that I want to attempt this year - this is the first one! x

  2. Oh she is too cute ... just popped over from Daisy's ... you have a lovely blog ... looking forward to future posts ... Bee x


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