Thursday 24 January 2013

Our Vintage Home

Three years ago we purchased our current home, a run-down bungalow built in 1905.  With no double glazing, kitchen or heating, living in it with two small children was always going to be a challenge.  Moving in in January 2010 when the snow had fallen and temperatures had dropped to the worst in a long time, proved to be terribly tough.  We went to bed in our clothes and wore hats, scarves and gloves indoors to try to keep warm.

We still don't have any heating but our four room house has taken on a completely new look with the building work that my hubby has done, and soon we will have more space than we have had in quite a while. 

Before the rennovations are finished and the interior of the house looks nothing like it did when we moved in, I thought I would share some photos of what it does look like now:

 Our beautiful hall carpet!

Fake wood pannelling paper on the ceiling!

Check out our cheeseplant paper!

Until the next time, G x


  1. Hello :) congrats to you on your shiny new blog x looking forward to seeing your renovations and crafting exploits x
    Much love
    Jane xxx

  2. I love that cheeseplant paper!

  3. Hello G, congrats from me too on starting your blog...hope you have mucho fun with it. Tried to follow you but it's that google+ thing and I really don't get Google+. xxx

  4. Popping over from Lazy Daisy to say hello. Your new blog looks fab and I look forward to seeing more :0) x

  5. Hi, welcome to blogland! Hey, I love 70's wallpaper! (could give the cheese plant a miss though!) :) x

    1. Thank you! It won't be here much longer! x

  6. How funny, that was the carpet in our dining room as a child! I totally loved it then you still have it? Would love to see a photo on a bigger scale! Ooh am going to love following your blog xx


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