Saturday 22 June 2013

Going with the flow - sort of!

Why is there always something that needs doing?  I long for the days where there were no decisions to be made, when I could spend all day in bed reading and watching dvds if I so chose.  They are gone, long gone now.

Yesterday before setting off for work, I decided to take stock of life, and inspired a little by a recent post from Lucy over at Attic24, decided that instead of doing what I really wanted to do (crochet) I would actually do what needed doing in the house - sorting the girlies ironing pile!  For all too long now, I've been washing, drying and folding it, then lazily abandoning it on a chair in the lounge.  No longer would this continue - yesterday I sorted it into two piles and instructed the 6 and 4 year olds to put them away in their relevant drawers!  (At the time of writing, they have moved said piles into their bedroom with the intention of doing this chore today - we shall see)!

If the weather brightens I intend to venture outside and clean their gypsy caravan as it needs a good scrubbing every year to clear the bits Mother Nature leaves all over it's bright pink wooden surface.  Then it will be an interior over-haul as the adorable monkeys have a tendency to play in it and then abandon everything on the floor; oh yes, that might need cleaning too!

Will just point out that the caravan is no longer at the front of our house but in the garden, tucked away in the woods!

I've managed to find a few moments to continue with my granny squares, started oh so long ago, on a Monday crafting session with Lottie.  I bought some cream wool last week to finish the final row in, and started blocking them so I can see what it will look like when it's finished.  It's going in my caravan - when it's complete and when I get a caravan!

I'm trying to catch-up on my reading too, which is having peaks and troughs.  At the moment, I read for pleasure, for two book groups and for review purposes.  That's an awful lot of books!  I've 100 pages left of a current review book, a gripping crime novel which I'm really enjoying. 

I also picked up three new books from the library that I'm really keen to read for myself.

A recommendation from my #booktwin

We watched this on tv a few months ago - it was really good

 And then Mr Postie delivered these two new review titles today!

Emily Barr writes fantastic books - they all involve an element of travel in them, and some sort of twist.  I can now count her as a friend, albeit an online one, and if she didn't live so flaming far away, would be going to her book launch next month.  Only I'm not!

Viv Groskop is a reviewer and journalist, and now, stand-up comedian.  We chat on twitter lots and both love the same books, so I've labelled us #booktwin.  This makes for lots of extra reading for me as if she recommends something, I then end up having to read it too so we can discuss whether we felt the same about it! Oh, what a chore!!!!

My latest request arrived at the library this week and I fetched it yesterday.  The caravans in here are gorgeous!  Am stroking as is my way!

Hope you are having a good weekend - it's officially Summer now so I guess that's why it's raining, again!

G x

p.s. keep your fingers crossed, I might have a caravan to turn into my crafting space soon!!!!!!

Oh yes, and I made a dress this week!  Will blog about it next time x


  1. Aww bless ya, I understand how you feel, that's one of the advantages of being disabled with health problems. Do a little, have a rest, do a little have a rest. It takes me longer but it does get done, well what I can do lol.
    Fingers X'd for you re the caravan, we bought a static caravan at the coast September 2011, we love it. The site is only about 200 vans, quiet, no bars or amusements but well looked after. I was day dreaming yesterday what a lovely sewing room it would make. Don't know what Mr B would say though lol.

    Love reading too but prefer my kindle fire now easier for my hands. Put the duster down and pick up your hook girl it's Saturday ;0)

    Peg xx

  2. Do you collect caravans?...Love the pink one, can we see inside? Eco Ethel xx

  3. Oh the girls caravan is adorable ... can I come and play in it ;) ... Bee xx

  4. I really adore the pink caravan! I think I would quite like to live there!
    M x

  5. Thank you for your comments on the girls caravan. My husband's parents made it for them for a Christmas present two years ago, all furnished inside too making it the perfect play zone!

  6. I yearn for a caravan, and love your daughter's wee pink one. I love to read, but wow you read lots :) xx

  7. oh my what a fab place .love the colour.hx


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