Tuesday 11 June 2013

Weekend Jolly

We had a rare weekend away as we helped to celebrate my in-laws ruby wedding anniversary in Herefordshire.  We went to a very quaint teashop called Aunt Martha's, where everyone was wearing Victorian serving clothes!  Very amusing!

After this, we went to Puzzlewood, in the heart of the Forest of Dean, which has featured in shows such as Merlin and Doctor Who, and the recent movie Jack the Giant Slayer.  It's a beautiful place for exploring, and searching for fairies!  I left the camera in the car so only had my phone, but luckily I found some of these images via the internet!

Wooden bridges to run over

Secret passageways and stepping stones
 The next day we went to Tintern Abbey where the girls had a lovely time running around in the summer sun.

Now it's back to normal, (raining today) with 6 weeks of the school term remaining until the holidays begin - arghhhhhhh!  Popped to the library today for some inspiration for the children:

and for me:

Okay, so I confess, I bought this one!

I've also seen that this is going to be released soon:

It doesn't look like it contains anything out of the ordinary but the illlustrations make it a desirable tome nonetheless.

On an additional note, I may become a tad more boring than normal as I've decided what I would like for my forthcoming BIG birthday later in the year!  Hubby has been asking for a while what I fancied and I've toyed with lots of ideas; massive diamond ring etc before finally making up my mind this week! 

Are you ready.....?!

Yes, I'm having a.......caravan!!!!!!!

Am quite very, very, very excited about this, and am planning and plotting all sorts of things already.  If anyone has any tips or advice, do let me know.  I can't wait for us to be able to go away in it and have lots of family fun!

Til the next time!

G x


  1. I want to go to Puzzlewood and search for fairies. Your library has some fabby books ours aren't anywhere near as modern. I must also confess to buying Sew Charming but it was so cheap in The Works it would have been rude not to. Sarah x

  2. Those pictures are stunning, so pretty and magical :)

  3. Oh a caravan ... that would be one cool birthday gift ... Bee xx

  4. What a great weekend! And what great books your library have, some of them look really nice. Fab news about the caravan.
    M x


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