Tuesday 19 August 2014

Taking a trip in Enid

Yes, Enid got a dusting off and a pulling-away last week as we ventured off on our summer holiday.  We decided that Wales was our destination this year, and we did have a lovely time - apart from being stuck in the middle of hurricane Bertha arriving not long after we did! However, it didn't dampen our spirits and we got out and about as much as possible seeing the coastline of Aberystwyth, Borth and Barmouth.

We managed about 2 minutes on the beach at Barmouth before the wind decided to fill out bags and clothes with sand and we left! Rapidly!

No filter - it really was this blue!

Girlies loved roaming the campsite and being allowed down the track to the playground where they made lots of friends, and just 'hung out' with them.  It was nice to be able to let them go and relax knowing they were safe too.  We also had some 'life changing' moments for the girls too, as the now 8 year old had her ears pierced as a total surprise (we had told her she had to wait until she was 10) and the almost 6 year old lost her first tooth!  Thankfully the tooth fairy found the caravan and all was well!

While in Borth, I found a fab shop selling vintage and retro items - at reasonable prices!  I know, I was shocked too and went back 3 times in all!  I managed to get some old Country Living magazines for 25p each, and a brilliant crock-pot and cup too.  If you are ever in the area, do drop in, they have some great treasures!

I was very tempted by this coffee pot set

I got one of these fab orange print cups and the crock-pot on the bottom left shelf

I managed to read my way through 3 books in the 10 days we were away, which was quite good going.  It turned out to be a blessing because I came home to this pile of post - honestly, we were only away for 10 days I tell you!  My review pile is now into triple figures.  I need more days in the week!

The girlies have now gone away with my outlaws for a few nights in their campervan, and then its off to my parents for a few nights, and to go and visit London again with them.  They went last year and loved it so much they want to do it this year too!

I have plans to do so much while they are away.  It's day 2 already and the sewing machine hasn't seen the light of day yet.  I plan to make loads but I bet it doesn't pan out that way.  This afternoon though I'm continuing with the nearly 6 year olds poncho in the hope that I can get it completed asap.  Then I plan to get the machine out!

This gorgeous book arrived today for review but I'm not allowed to show you any more until 1st September so you'll just have to wait to see what's inside!  I am a lucky girl!

I also ordered this which comes out in October.  Hoping for lots of original content and to not be disappointed.  I hate ordering crafty books without a proper look inside first as so often I get them and then don't want to do anything that's inside.  Is it just me?!

I've also got my #grannyhottie to finish from foxs lane as the final step went live today.  Strange as it seemed initially to be making this in August, we actually lit the log-burner last night as it was really cold.  Today hasn't been much warmer, and oh so wet.  It's looking and feeling a little autumnal out there - but I don't mind as I'm an Autumn baby and it's my favourite season by a mile!

G x


  1. It looks as though you had a wonderful time. The blue of the sea in your picture really is amazing!! xx

  2. What a fab holiday, and you've been very busy! X

  3. Your girls are beautiful! I was wondering about that beautiful mess book too as i love their style!
    best D x


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