Monday 18 August 2014

The Simple Life

The Simple Life by Rhonda Hetzel
Published by Penguin Books
8th April 2014
Kindle Edition


Rhonda Hetzel feels passionately that living simply leads to a richer, more fulfilling existence. Having made the decision to live frugally, embrace sustainability and opt out of the capitalist consumerist mindset, she set about working out how to achieve her goal, learning traditional skills, reducing her spending and environmental impact and focusing on the simple things that make life worth living: family, friends, and a home-cooked meal.

This is the story of her journey and the lessons she has learned along the way. Rhonda relates why she wanted to change her lifestyle, what simple living means to her, and offers guidance to those thinking about taking the same path.

I found this book via Net Galley when it was offered up to readers in Australia at the end of last year.  As I couldn't get hold of it, I promptly forgot about it, until a few weeks ago when I suddenly decided that I wanted to read it.  However, apart from knowing that it was a) Australian b) published by Penguin and c) had a chicken on the front, I was scuppered if I could remember anything else about it.  I did many a fruitless search on the internet, and on the Penguin website trying to find it, to no avail.  Then my brain decided to concentrate, and the title sprung into my head.  I double-checked on Amazon and there it was, in all it's Penguin glory, chicken and all.  The best bit was that the kindle version was only a mere 60p so I downloaded it straight away and began to read.

The Simple Life is only a short book, if it can be classed as such.  I'd term it novella but it's factual so I don't think that applys in this case, anyway, I digress.  The author, Rhonda Hetzel makes the decision to live her life a little easier, a little more simply.  She starts to work from home, learning to love the place where she lives, and making use of the land that she has around her.  It's a dream that many more are aspiring to, and it's a brief, but lovely glimpse into her life, and the changes that she makes in order to be more frugal, and overall, happier.

I thoroughly enjoyed this journey, and it's certainly one I want to concentrate on more and more.

G x


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