Tuesday 18 November 2014

Magazine overload

Okay, hands up - who subscribes or buys so many magazines a month it's not funny?!

Just me then?!

I had a reminder that one of my magazine subs ends shortly, and whilst considering renewal, I sort of realised just how many magazines I get each month.

The worst bit is though, that I haven't read any of them since about August!

That's terrible, isn't it!

I currently subscribe to:

And also:

Recently I saw a new magazine I liked the look of:

I managed to grab a copy while in London the other week, but guess what, I've not opened the cover of that one either!

I have so much to do, so many books to read, that when the magazines arrive, I rip off the plastic wrapping, throw out the leaflets that bulk it up, put it in the magazine holder, and then there it sits, waiting patiently for me to open it.  I did finally read this months Red magazine the other day, but I think I still have the previous two issues still unread in the pile!  I am definitely not renewing Red magazine after this year.  I was only swayed because they offered me a year for a measly £12 but I don't feel that it is for me anymore, if that makes sense.  I love Pretty Nostalgic magazine very much, but now it has become a society, of which I am a pioneer, the price has gone up to £40 a year which is a lot of cash, almost double of any other sub, and you only get 4 copies a year now. I think I need to seriously see how it goes before I have to renew again with that one, but it will be a hard decision.  I don't get Mollie Makes anymore, and actually the temptation to just grab a copy while in the supermarket has ended, as they have all stopped stocking it here! You can only get a copy in WhSmith and as I hate it in there, I don't even glimpse it anymore!

So what do I do, continue with my subs, change to something completely different, or not buy any at all?!!!!!

What do you get?

G x


  1. Oh. My. Word. That's a lot of mags. I used to subscribe to Living etc (subscription was free via Tesco Club points) and Good Homes. I got really bored with them. Same old same old every month. I prefer to go on pinterest or certain blogs (sfgirlbybay) and dribble over the lovely images for free. xx

  2. I'm not a big magazine fan and find most of them quite samey however I did take out a subscription recently to Woman & Home, mainly because of the book section.

  3. I must have Country Living, if only for the Christmas issue! I take Pretty Nostalgic, too, and I am also a Pioneer so helping more people to know and appreciate PN.,

  4. I've recently discovered I can access digital editions of lots of magazines for free as a member of the library. How I didn't notice this before....I have been flicking through Red, Elle, Marie Claire, Woman and Home, New Scientist, National Geographic and even my guilty pleasure, Look - all for free and no paper waste afterwards! :-)

  5. I don't subscribe to any magazines but last year realised that I regularly bought Mollie makes, the simple things and simply crochet. I did'nt always read them and often did'nt make anything from them :( I cut out patterns/ideas and out them in a folder (I think I have about 10 years of crafty projects in there now!!) I've rarely buy magazines now.

  6. I get two magazines on subscription and then buy simply crochet and sometimes mollie makes and then occasionally - such as with the Christmas magazines get a few others. I have a massive pile of unread books and the magazines are piled up too, so I know what you mean! xx

  7. I just get land love, i like it,... went off all the others, but do buy them occasionally. sounds like you need to go to no more mags boot camp!

  8. Hey! I used to subscribe to lots too...homemaker, the simple things, Elle dec, living etc... I still subscribe to mollie makes ( not sure why tho because I hardly look at it anymore)... But Oh Comely I really do love, it's not shoving stuff in your face that you should be trying to make in your spare time whilst juggling family and job. I seem to find inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest these days, I like that...


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