Wednesday 19 November 2014

Mitten love

Well it's getting colder, and my hands have been a bit nippy in this house of very little heat.  That said, I decided that I'd make myself some gloves.

Now anyone who knows me very well, will know that I DO NOT wear gloves.  EVER.  This is due to a childhood hatred of people sucking fabric, and principally pulling knitted gloves off using their teeth.   My brother has exactly the same phobia.  Can't stand it.  In fact, I can barely type the words, it's making me shiver with disgust.  Anyways, that is why I don't/can't wear gloves that cover my fingers up.  I'm fine with fingerless ones!

That said, I thought I would be brave, and that maybe if I made myself a pair it wouldn't make me feel so ill.  A girl can try.  I've had a few extra days off this week as I've got laryngitis which means teaching is impossible, as is talking so I decided that mitten and glove making would be my priority instead this week.

I initially decided to tackle the mittens that Tif had made for her over at dottie angel.  I downloaded the pattern as they didn't mention the dreaded dpns in the instructions, but they are still knitted in the round and I just couldn't be hassled with that.  I decided to check out my crafty bookshelf instead but couldn't find mittens to fit the bill.  Then I moved onto the library book pile and found the perfect pair in here!

From the crafty bookshelf I found this pattern for fingerless gloves and I was all set.

Downside is that while the grass is growing, Agatha van is out of bounds, so I had to make a quick trip to Thimbles to stock up on wool!!!!  I'm a sucker for cheap wool, so four 100g balls cost me less than £10.
The mustard and cerise combo is for the fingerless ones!
I finished one mitten yesterday, and the other today, and I'm happy with them.  I will say that I do have long fingers and if you follow this pattern and don't, you might need to use a thinner wool to achieve a smaller pair but they fit me just fine, in fact, being bigger means they don't touch my fingers!

I also got my long-awaited Rowan book through the post today.  I thought it had arrived last week, but the wrong one was delivered so I had to wait an extra week for this to come through the door.  It's amazing.

I'm in love with so many of the patterns, especially the Miss Marple one! As a life-long Agatha Christie fan, it's like total serendipity!

G x


  1. I love the mittens and all that wool for that price, what a great price. enjoy readingx

  2. Your mittens are lovely! I have very large hands and long fingers, so I find that mittens are often better for me as they fit better! That is why I made my wrist warmers myself because I can make them to the right size! I hope that you feel better again soon. xx

  3. Love the mittens, i saw dottie angels and i'm feeling inspired to embelish my shop-bought hand-coverings!! (Better not say the 'g' word!!)

  4. I love them! You are so clever!
    I haven't told many folk but I can't stand mohair for the same reason.....don't ask me why, it just my teeth curl! X

  5. Oh my Lordy...I too, cannot stand wool in mouth, it makes me gag to think about it!! Bleugh!!!! Your mittens are lovely xxxxx


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