Friday 21 February 2014

Jelly Roll Scraps

Jelly Roll Scraps by Carolyn Forster
Published by Search Press
27th November 2013
Paperback Edition
I was very lucky to be asked to review this book from Search Press.  They are the leading art and craft publisher in the UK and have some amazing books in their catalogue.  This book is from their series of  '20 to make' and is very well priced at £4.99 - that's pretty much the same price as buying a magazine at the moment. 
A 'jelly roll'  is the name given to a roll of pre-cut strips of fabric designed by Moda, an American fabric manufacturer which I hadn't heard before, but any strips of fabric remnants will do perfectly well for any of these tasks.  It's an excellent idea for using up those scraps of fabric we all hold on to - just in case!

I love these Russian dolls

Inside there are tons of ideas, here are just a few of them:
Patchwork dog
Tissue Pouch
Mini Bunting
Tabby Cat Cushion
Thread Pot
Needle Book
The instructions are clear and concise and the photographs are set out so you can see both the finished project, and a close-up of some of the detail.  I think this book would make a great gift, or project book as I think most people would want to make most, if not all, of the things in here, which unfortunately is not always the case with some craft books.
There will be more from Search Press shortly - and hopefully, if I ask nicely, a giveaway!!!!!
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  1. I only recently found out about these too i wonder why they use that name...cute book too....dxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. It looks like a lovely book Ginny, and as you say great value given the current cost of magazines! xx

  3. Sounds really good! Do you think it is suitable for beginners? x

    1. Hi Helen-Anne, yes I do, it's very clear x

  4. I came across jelly rolls at a workshop. Being new to all this malarkey I need a workshop ;0) One of the ladies was making a quilt with said product. It was fab.
    I shall look out for the book.


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