Wednesday 26 February 2014

The making of a cushion cover

Morning all!  It's dry and there's a bit of sun in the sky - am wondering how long it will last though! 

I finally finished my first cushion for Enid van this week, though it didn't pan out exactly how it was meant to!

The design is called (I think) a Circle Motif Granny Square from the Granny Squares book by Susan Pinner.

This is the design

Hubby decided to point out that he believed it needed a cream lining between the crochet and the cushion pad, so I envisaged sewing, by hand no less, the crochet piece, onto the cream piece, onto the backing and then finishing it all off with a row of buttons to fasten.

First square completed

It went well until the very end when I realised that I needed to fasten the cream lining onto the crochet piece and then sew it all together else the lining would move and spoil the cushion.

I didnt' do that! I sewed the whole bloomin' thing together and then added the buttons for show.  If it needs washing I'll just have to unpick the last row!

For my first crochet cushion though I think it looks okay - bright and cheery; definitely what's needed in the caravan!

I'm almost finished with the second one only I've run out of the wool that I was finishing off with!  Typical.  I'm hoping that my mum has a spare ball of it as that's where I got it from - fingers crossed!


I don't know if you have noticed but this is my 99th blog post!  Where has the year gone?  As promised, there's a giveaway for the 100th one!  Exciting!

G x


  1. Lovely! The colours are gorgeous :) I'm planning on making some similar cushions for our camper - they're perfect!

  2. Ha ha ha, just you wait till you need to wash it and then belatedly remember your masterstroke involves having to unpick it! I do things like this all the time and am so chuffed that I've created a fabulous workaround that no-one else would notice that I never think further than the immediate and do the eye roll when I remember.

    For later on, if I may offer my humble opinion/cheat, while you've got some spare strands to test are the colours truly colour fast? If they are you could consider lobbing the whole cushion, pad and all, into the washing machine with a colour catcher for a bit of extra insurance when the time comes. You could also cite the fact that pillows and cushions also require cleaning so really this is a hygiene solution and not because you are too lazy to unpick the cushion then have to re-sew it all up again afterwards.

    I've pulled this stunt more than once as I am the living embodiment of your blog title too.

  3. Your cushion is beautiful ... I love RedSetter's comment ... ingenious don't you think? Bee xx

  4. G that is so pretty big well done to you......xxxxxxx

  5. Well done! Such lovely work!
    And such fabulous and most wise advice from Redsetter x

  6. It's a beauty, well done you, xx


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