Wednesday 5 February 2014

This Week

This week I've been working every day again, so not much time for anything else - unfortunately!

The shawl is still growing, I think I'm going for 50 rows in total, and at the moment I'm on about row 36 so the end is in sight!  I also finally wore my handmade frock for the first time this week to school.  I made it from a curtain gifted by a friend - Liberty of London no less!  The pattern is a Simplicity one recommended by Rachelle over at Ted & Agnes.

I'm also trying to finish my blankets for the caravan as we've already booked to go away in it over half-term and they aren't finished! Mind you, they aren't going to be finished by the end of next week so I guess we'll have to go away without them!  I've managed 40 out of 80 squares of my variegated blanket, but then I've got to do the edging and sewing together!

I started some wristwarmers today too.  I found the image on pinterest and found the free pattern here.  I managed the first one during an episode of Father Brown this afternoon!

I've also managed to get a guest blog spot on another crafty blog which I'm really excited about - more when that occurs!

I'll also have lots more craft books to review on here too as Search Press have signed me up as a member of their review team which I'm really pleased about.  Lots of crafty treats coming this way soon I hope, and maybe a giveaway or two?!

My bag from Society 6 arrived this week too.  It's a Dottie Angel design, though I really couldn't decide which one to choose.  In the end, I went for the house design.  Can't wait to use it!

Black Sheep Wool are having a sale at the moment, so I sort-of bought 10 balls of wool and a pattern book for some Connemara wool by Sirdar.  Just got to choose what to make with it now, but it was less than half price per ball so a bargain really!


Hope you're all okay and not to wet or windswept.  We have had one dry day in the past few weeks - it is truly dismal at the moment.

However, on a positive note, apparently knitting is good for you so pick up those needles!

G x


  1. It sounds as though you have a lot going on and coming up. I hope that it all goes well for you, I look forward to hearing more about the new things as and when you are able to share. We are pretty soggy here, but nothing like what some are dealing with. I wish that it would stop raining though. I hope that you are dry and safe and that your half term trip goes well. xx

  2. Oh how exciting ... guest blogging and crafty book reviews sound exciting ... Connemara brings back lovely memories for me ... my hubby proposed in Connemara twelve years ago this Saturday ... I was thinking about it earlier today ... Bee xx

  3. I love those wrist warmers, even I could have a go at those....surely knitting is a bit like riding a bike, you never forget! ;-)

  4. Thanks for a lovely post. I love your mittens (picked up the pattern) Looks like you did a Moss Stitch rib instead?
    What a great site the pattern came off of. What a good idea about the knitting party.
    I buy from Black Sheep Wools. Luckily they are at a Show at Five Lakes, Colchester shortly so I am looking forward to a rummage.
    Hugs x

    1. Hi Cally, I just followed the instructions but it's k1, p1 on the first twelve rows instead of doing p1,k1 on the even rows - am I making sense? I finished the other one last night so now have a pair! x

  5. I really do love your dress...but your knitting skills are so impressive you know...!!
    d x

  6. Your dress is lovely, I want to learn to make my own dresses this year (maybe I'll manage it!), I love your crochet squares too, the colours are beautiful :)

  7. Lots of things going on in this post, especially liking the blanket, the yarn is gorgeous, its gonna look really great when you've finished it. and love the dress too, this is something i must must try this summer, the last time i made an item of clothing was at school, and that turned out disasterous....i really wasnt interested then....oh and i also made a tye dyed triangular cushion in bright was bloody awful, my mum was speechless....but i quite liked it..;)


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