Thursday 17 July 2014

Homemade Simple for Kids

Homemade Simple for Kids by Joanna Gosling
Published by Kyle Books
8th May 2014
Hardback Edition
I already have a copy of Homemade Simple, so when I saw that a new version for children was coming out, I practically begged the publishers to let me review it on here - thankfully they said yes!
Joanna Gosling is probably best known for her work as a newsreader, but this is actually her third book; her first being Simply Wonderwoman.
The subtitle for this new book is stylish, crafty projects to make with and for your kids.  With this in mind, the book is divided into two parts - makes by kids and makes for kids.  Both sections have some excellent ideas, and some old-school ones that you might have forgotten about!
Section 1 starts with an old-school gem.  Remember finger knitting?!  I haven't done that since school but it's here in the book, along with a how-to plus instructions to make finger-knitted flowers and a garland too.  There are also instructions for making pompoms using your fingers which is far quicker than the cardboard circle method!  What then follows are a 'knitting section', a 'sewing section' and a 'things to make section' which include a scarf, a bag, bath bomb eggs, and badges.
There are also some seasonal activities, plus a section of 'things for kids to make for grown ups section' which include button cufflinks and peppermint sugar foot scrub.
Section 2 is the things for kids bit, where the grown-ups can play around (though I want to make most of the stuff in the first bit of the book too)!  There are ideas for creating trundle beds and a simple desk shelf, but there are also dream catchers, cushions, skirts and pyjama bottoms to be made, night lights and memory boxes. 
There really is a whole host of information and inspiration in this book.  The instructions are clear and concise and there are lots of photos which I love - though not of every project sadly.  I'm quite sure this book will be opened a lot over the summer holidays!
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  1. Looks ok
    ... is it biased towards girls or are there boy things in there too?
    let me know....xxxxxxxx

    1. Well she does have girls herself, so I would say yes it is, but there are projects for both sexes too x

  2. Great idea to have projects for and by children together. xx


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