Saturday 12 July 2014


I'm having a nice week this week in terms of writing things.  When I did my degree at the end of the 90's I wanted to go into journalism.  I got work experience on two local newspapers which I loved, and then got work experience at Hodder & Stoughton for two weeks.  This led to an extra 6 weeks over the summer hols, and then the offer of a permanent job!!!! As I still had one year of my degree to complete I turned the job down and went back to university.  I naively hoped that there would still be a job the following summer but alas, and alack, there wasn't.  In a moment of madness I decided that I would become a teacher instead - so I did, and still am, sort-of!

Since then I haven't really done any writing.  I got into book reviewing about 7 years ago and have continued to do that ever since, and I think starting my book blog at the end of last year has helped me feel more confident about what I write.

Last month saw my first published article since that time, in Pretty Nostalgic magazine on First World War embroidered postcards.

I've now just written my second article to go into the next issue - hopefully!  And if nothing goes wrong, and I can think of what to write, I've got an article to be included in a different publication in December.

Next week, The Visitors by Rebecca Mascull comes out in paperback and I'm name-checked in there!  I reviewed the book on my other blog and Rebecca contacted me via Twitter to ask if I'd write some book group questions for her, which I did!  Hodder obviously liked them because they are in the paperback edition.  You can grab a copy from Thursday!

G x


  1. Although it has been a different journey, I am glad that you are finding your way along the path! xx

  2. Ginny i love this! good for you...keep going every little step counts towards a mile!
    Proud for you...xxxxxx

  3. I'm so proud and can't wait to read your article. I shall be holding the mag telling everyone that my friend wrote this! There is always a reason why things do or don't happen, that is why the timing was wrong for your journalism job, I am a great believer in that. I can't wIt for the day that I'm asking you to sign your first novel for me! X


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