Tuesday 8 July 2014

Le tour Yorkshire

This weekend we were fortunate to witness Le Grand Depart 2014 as we journeyed up to Yorkshire to see the Tour de France, or as it has been named this year, Le Tour Yorkshire.  My parents had rented a house for the week so they, my brother and his wife, and the four of us, arrived on Friday ready to witness lots of men rushing by on bikes.

Aysgarth Falls

We decided to view Saturday's race from Aysgarth, after rejecting Buttertub's Pass as our first choice.  I have to say, after seeing how many people were at Buttertubs it was a wise decision.  We found a spot at the top of the hill in Aysgarth (just down the road from the pub (handy) and settled in to wait.  We had two hours before the racers were due past.

Thankfully the sun was out and it wasn't too hot.  The caravan of parade vehicles were great, and the girlies were entertained throughout.  We were also entertained by a man named Stu who was on his stag-do with his friends and they proved to be the most amusing group of lads.

The helicopters began to hover overhead, which could only mean one thing, the break-away group of three was shortly approaching.  The hill proved to be a perfect spot as the cyclists certainly couldn't rush past us, and we got a fantastic view of every rider.  Once they had all gone past we moved on to watch the action on the big screens in Aysgarth before going home for the night.

Despite Sunday's forecast of wet weather, it was even warmer than Saturday, and we decided to go over to Bolton Abbey to watch the action.  It was incredibly busy and we had to nestle in amongst the crowds to get a spot to watch.  This time we were at the bottom of the hill, and no sooner had we taken our stance, than the cyclists came through - at tremendous speed!  I managed to record both days on my phone, and the footage is fantastic.  On Sunday, if you blinked, you missed them all!  (If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you can see my films there).

Then it was time for a quick picnic before heading back home.  The 5 year old only wanted a t-shirt which of course her Gramps dutifully supplied!

G x


  1. Thanks for the fab post, it looks like a brill day out!
    And as for your little lass...... She's gorgeous!
    She looks so proud in her new tee shirt x

  2. Sounds like you made the most of it and had a great time!!! xx

  3. What fun! And a memorable experience, with a t-shirt to boot! Glad you got to see it and that the weather cooperated! Cx


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