Saturday 10 August 2013

Hair we go!

Thank you for asking for the recipe for the conditioner that I mentioned in my last post.  I didn't want to include it until I had tried it out, but now I have, it's here for all to try.

Coconut, Lemon & Mint Conditioner


1 tin of coconut cream (it took me two different supermarkets before I found cream rather than milk.  It's stocked in the same aisle as the stuff for making chinese/indian foods)

1/2 lemon

2 tbsps sea salt

1/2 cup of boiling water

1 small handful of fresh mint

How to prepare

Dissolve the salt into the cup of boiling water.  Pour the coconut cream into the mixing bowl and stir out the lumps.  Add the salt water, juice of the lemon, and mint, and mix well.  Pour into a bottle and keep in the fridge, where it should last a couple of weeks.

How to use

Rub into dry hair, until completely covered.  Leave on for between 10 minutes to an hour.  Rinse out of your hair and shampoo as normal.


The protein-rich coconut feeds the hair and gives it strength, reduces frizz and defines curls.  The mint stimulates the scalp for healthy growth.  The salt adds volume and the lemon smoothes the hair shaft to add shine and over time, adds multi-tones of colour.

My results

I will say I was intriugued to see if this would work.  I don't have the easiest hair by any account; it's frizzy, bleached and there's a lot of it (even though I've just had it all cut off) so I wasn't expecting any miracles.  It seemed odd to be conditioning my hair before washing it but I followed the instructions and waited to see what the results would be.  Amazingly my hair wasn't that tangled after washing it through with shampoo and brushed well.  I still needed to use my straighteners afterwards but it looks shiny, healthy and for the first time ever, a little bit fly-away.  It cost me less than £1 to make and I think I will keep using it as the results are surprisingly good.

This recipe came from the latest edition (8) of pretty nostalgic magazine and can also be found here along with more home spa treats.

Hopefully we are hoping to move Agatha down to the bottom of the garden this weekend, so I might be able to get inside her and take some photos to show her off next week!

G x


  1. Thank you very much for you subscribe to pretty nostalgic and would i like it too?
    D xxxxx
    Ps i so wish we lived nearer to each other....x

    1. I do subscribe as its 25% cheaper. You can do it online via their website. If you're not sure you can always buy a back issue online to try. I love it, it's beautifully produced and has a lovely smell. Not a craft magazine per se but an all round way of life concept. I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't love it. I wish we were nearer too x

    2. Just ordered latest issue to try... I clicked through from your site.....X

  2. Oooo I don't know if I'd pit it on my hair or eat it!
    Sounds fab!

    1. Definitely hair, it doesn't smell as coconutty as you'd think!!!

  3. The conditioner sounds great ... I love natural skin and hair care products ... they are usually realty good and so much better for us too ... could you use coconut oil instead of cream, do you think? ... Bee xx

    1. I don't know Bee, I guess you could try! Shampooing after would stop it being greasy I would think. I found my coconut cream in Sainsbury and its made by Blue Dragon so widely available I would think. X


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