Thursday 15 August 2013

This week

Haven't been up to much this week.  The weather certainly can't decide what's it up to, so the plans I had in my head never came to much.

Monday saw the girlies and I take a trip over to Stoke to Abakhan to get the fabric for the interior of Agatha.  Now she has been moved into her permanent spot I couldn't wait to go and get the material that she will finally be decked out in.

Want a sneaky peak?

Of course you do!

This is the fabric for the main seats

This is for the seat backs

This is the curtain fabric - needs a good iron!

 None of that was what I had in mind when I went shopping, but I saw them and they worked together in their own strange way, so that is what is happening.  The next thing is to choose the colour for the outside, which I think I've done, a sort of grey colour.  Fingers crossed it looks as I imagine in my head!

Yesterday was a bit glum so we did some library book reading, and then because of reading this

 We ended up doing this

 We love Julia Donaldson books!

I'm frantically trying to pack for another caravanning holiday - we are off to Derbyshire for a few nights tomorrow - hopefully the weather won't be as predicted which is for rain, and thunder!!!

I'll be taking my caravan crochet blanket to continue working on, but in the evenings here I've been knitting my poncho.  It's been a bit of a disaster, the pattern is not written very well at all (neither me or my mum could figure out what it was trying to say), which resulted in 5 hours of work only for me to realise it was totally wrong and have to undo it all back to the start and begin again!  Can't say I was too chuffed about it, and I think an email to Sirdar to point out their error may be in order.  I'm back onto ball 3 of 8 now so am getting there at last!


I also had some lovely post from the publishers at Headline today, more books to review!

That should keep me out of mischief for a bit! 

Thank you for all your lovely comments, and hello to my new followers.  I've found a few more blogs to follow this week so seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time on blogger!

Hope the sun is shining on you this week.

G x


  1. Lovely fabrics! My girl loves Julia Donaldson books too.
    M x

  2. Pretty fabrics and Julia Donaldson are the stuff of lovely summer days! I envy your caravan - oh to have my very own space! It's like a grown-up playhouse! You will have so much fun decorating it, then spending time in it...can't wait to read more! Chrissie x

  3. G enjoy your hols...expecting book reviews soonest.....A xxxx

  4. Am so excited to see your caravan have her make over!
    Love the fabric combo!

  5. Am so excited about your caravan make over!
    Can't wait to see it all come together, love the fabric combo!

  6. What fabby fabric choices, can't wait to see Agatha in all her glory ~ Sarah x


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