Sunday 11 August 2013

Tales of a crafting caravan

Arrrggggh!  (That's meant to be a squeal of delight but it doesn't sound like it does it?!).  After lots of pushing and pulling, to-ing and frow-ing, Agatha is in her final resting place ready to become my crafty haven.

Am very excited.  In fact, I immediately want to start attacking her and recovering her seat covers and replacing the curtains, and painting the get the picture!

For now, here are some photos of her before anything happens to her!

In place in the woods

Ready for her close up!

I have to admit, she is just peachily perfect.  Her layout is ideal, all I've got to do is remove the toilet so that room can become storage space and she's good to go.  I can't wait to start using her.  Hubby has promised a decking area outside all ready for the big birthday in November, as she is my present after all!  Can you tell I'm a little bit very excited?

Hope you're having an exciting time too?

G x

p.s thanks for all the lovely comments about the conditioner I posted.  Pretty Notalgic magazine even tweeted about my blog post which I'm so chuffed with.


  1. So Cool... I love that it is in the woods with all the fairys and snow white and the dwarves an' all!

  2. agatha bunting keyring will adorn her door soon :) x

  3. You lucky girl!
    It's so exciting!

  4. That is one very exciting project! Can't wait to see what you make of her.
    Am also going to try your conditioner from the previous post - bet it smells delicious.
    P xx

  5. That is one very exciting project! You'll have great fun with it - and it will be great to see it happen on here too.
    Am also going to try the conditioner from the previous post - bet it smells delicious!
    P xx

  6. ooo swoon....she's in woods!!!....double swoon!!! what a pressie and decking!!!.....ok now i hate you a little, my jealousy valve has kicked in! x


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