Tuesday 27 August 2013

Today I am...

Excited about sitting out in our new patio area.  Hubby worked very hard this weekend to make sure not only was it started, but finished too.  Just another half an acre to go!

Looking forward to reading my new book Apples for Jam.  Having gone on about it for a while, primarily the lack of available copies, at what I deemed a reasonable price, hubby ordered me one from ebay.  It arrived today. I am in stroking mode!

Adding the finishing touches to the girlies' school bags in the shape of key charms.  I got some inspiration from my new library book The Handmade Home by Cherry Menlove.  Full of crafty ideas and recipes, this is one craft book I've not been disappointed by.

Giddy for the big birthday, if only because I want this book but am trying to be good by not ordering it and asking for it instead.  I'm making do with a feature on it in this month's Mollie Makes magazine.

Practising my vegetarian cooking as hubby has decided that this is the way forward for him!  Apparently my butterbean bugers from Cook Vegetarian magazine were delicious!

Expecting deliveries - my new winter coat and my caravan paint for Agatha are both due today - we shall see!

Trying not to think about this being the last week of the summer holidays and my girlies going back to school.  In particular, the 4 year old who will be starting big school this year.  I will miss them!

G x


  1. OOO OOOO OOOO and Ahhhhh
    and a question what coat and where from?....love a x

    1. It's a khaki parka with furry hood from boohoo. Will photo if/when it arrives! X

  2. I love your little hearts! I might make something similar for my girls' bags, they are so sweet! And your patio is looking marvellous... Chrissie x

  3. I adore the patio and I am in denial about back to school!

  4. Buying new winter clothes always makes me feel better about the end of the hols!
    Love the patio, very snazzy indeed! X


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