Sunday 31 March 2013

Dippy Egg

The hubby loves nothing more than a dippy egg from our ducks, to the extent that I don't even offer to do them for him anymore as mine just aren't perfect enough!  So for Easter I found the perfect present for him

just right for keeping an egg warm

This is from my lovely friend and blogger Tracy over at Olive and Harry  She, and her partner Stephen run a fantastic animal rescue charity with a no-slaughter policy and she spends her time looking after these animals plus crafting to raise money to help pay for their upkeep.

They have all manner of rescued souls, including some goats who have recently had babies, despite being destined to die at the start of the year.

She has an etsy shop too and makes all manner of crafty things from their home ooop-north.  I have a songbird broach that I bought last year to brighten up my denim jacket

When hubby's gift arrived on Saturday, I was amazed to find within its wrapping, another gift; all bundled up in a doiley and lace.  Inside it's folds was this:

March Hare Broach
A beautiful gift from another crafty soul.  I have to say, the thoughtfulness behind this gift made me cry!  So in return, if you have time, do drop by and say hi to Tracy on her blog (do tell her I sent you), or buy a crafty jewel or two from her shop 

If you are feeling so inclined, you can also join their 1000 club  This is the amount it costs each month to feed their growing number of animals.  All you have to do is donate £1 a month to help.  It's a small amount but it goes a long way.

For today though, my March Hare is disguised as an Easter Bunny and is brightening up my jumper, being worn with thanks and love.

Happy Easter

G x


  1. thank you lovely lady for your beautiful words about little old us :)
    so glad you like your tiny gift, a small way to say a massive thanks for all your support - some days your words mend my soul so much...
    very glad to have found you and call you my pal
    t x

  2. Right back at you, but you're going to make me cry again! x

  3. Oh it's good to find someone else who calls a dippy egg a dippy egg! We love them over here - no soft boiled nonsense for us - doesn't sum up the dippy action! What lovely friends you have and working for such a good cause. Nice to meet you x Jane


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