Friday 22 March 2013

The Great British Sewing Bee

Is it just me, or is anyone else excited about The Great British Sewing Bee hitting our tv screens soon?

If you have't heard of it, it's the crafting equivalent to The Great British Bake Off and it's due on soon!

Even more exciting, it's being presented by.....


I love, love, love Claudia Winkleman so for me it's a double treat.  Crafting goodliness and the dry wit and banter of Ms Winkleman.  A win, win for me.

I don't know when it's starting but it must be soon as the book is due for release at the end of the month.

I've pre-ordered my copy already through sheer excitement.  I hope it's going to be good.  Apparently it will "provide amateur sewers everywhere with all the technical knowhow and inspiring projects they need to produce a core collection of 25 fabulous garments and homewares. From a child's sundress and a swinging circular skirt to unisex pyjama trousers, a tea dress and a waistcoat, the garments offer something for both sexes and all ages. The homewares and accessories include aprons, bags, cushions and window dressings. In addition to this core collection, 4 winning designs from the series are also included: a simple daytime dress, a child's party dress, a jacket and an evening dress - all with complete instructions and full-size patterns."  (Thanks to Sainsbury's for this blurb)

I have the high hopes that this book will provide me with all the necessary know-how to be able to start making my own dresses.

Watch this space!

In the meantime I hope you are all keeping warm with the increasing amount of snow that is falling.  This weekend, the girls and I are meant to be staying in the Lake District.  This may not happen now.

G x


  1. I hope this is as good as the bake off! excited!

  2. Me too! I am also a huge Claudia fan-we don't see enough of her by far!
    Thanks so much for your lovely message.
    Dottie day was a very happy day indeed, Im going to the Julie Arkell next month, are you?

    1. Oh no I'm not, I must have missed that for I love Julie Arkell very much indeedy. Am now jealous of your forthcoming trip x

  3. I hadn't heard about this, off now to check out the book!

  4. PS just spotted this
    The Great British Sewing Bee starts on Tuesday 2 April, 8pm, BBC2. The accompanying book by Tessa Evelegh is published by Quadrille, £20, on Thursday 28 March.

  5. Oh well done Theresa, I couldn't find it anywhere! Amazon are selling the book for £12 which is where I've ordered mine from - can't wait!

  6. G, I lurve Claude, mad as a bucket of frogs. I have watched it from the first series and always feel very inspired. I sew but have not yet made a garment for myself or anybody else apart from my granny chic apron. I make tote bags, cushion covers but need to branch out a little.x


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