Wednesday 27 March 2013

Mollie dolly

I had a sudden urge on Monday to make the girls an Easter present.  Last year I made them both a fabric chick and a little drawstring bag filled with mini eggs.  No worries, I thought, I have plenty of time to rustle something up.

I set about going through my collection of Mollie Makes magazines, and settled upon a Mollie dolly from issue 14.  My friend Lazy Daisy Jones makes these at the drop of a hat; you can view her beautiful collection here.

After spending an hour faffing around on the tablet (the usual reading of Facebook, Twitter, Blogger etc) I finally got the sewing machine out from the wardrobe and set up in the lounge.  So far, so good.

After ironing my fabric choices I then noticed that I didn't have enough felt for hair so had to make an 8 mile round trip to the local habadashary store for supplies!  Make 2 dollies in a day, it was now lunchtime - this wasn't going well!

By the end of Monday I had almost completed one doll and the plan for an Easter suprise for the girls was lost.  At best, I could attempt to finish one doll on Wednesday with promises to make a second after the holidays for whichever daughter would be prepared to wait.

This is the Mollie dolly. 

Hi, I'm Mollie

She isn't perfect, she needs a bit of tweaking but I think my girls will love her regardless of her flaws.

The postie has made today a little brighter by delivering some fabric pieces that I bought off of Ebay. 

A pretty piece of Sanderson fabric!

I stupidly lost out on some fab pillowcases by adding them to my watch list and not buying them when I had the chance as someone else beat me to it.  I'm still sulking about that.

I was meant to be going to a Vintage Market today in Market Drayton but when I got there, I couldn't find it!  C'est la vie.  I've decided to go to the Vintage Village at Stockport next month instead as the hubby is taking the girls away for the night.  I might even get to meet Jane from oooh betty as I think she will be there too!

My copy of The Great British Sewing Bee has arrived and thanks to everyone who contacted me to let me know when it starts.  It's going to be on BBC 2 on Tuesday 2nd April at 8pm.  I think there are only 4 episodes so don't forget to tune in.  Unfortunatly I only had time to flick through the book yesterday but it looks really nice.  I'm hoping that I wil find my clothes-making mo-jo in there and can start making more than a 'hour' skirt.  I'll keep you posted!

Will it ever stop snowing?

G x


  1. Whats her name...she is a sweetie! thanks for the mention!

    1. Very unoriginally her name is Miss Mollie! As predicted there was a fight for her and the 4 year old lost out! Need to get making another as soon as possible! x

  2. Very impressive ... I want to have a go as well ... so my Lazy Daisy one has a friend ... Bee xx

    1. Thanks Bee, they aren't that hard to do, I just think I need to concentrate more! Lucky you having a Lazy Daisy one though. Mine isn't that good! x

  3. ~ Aww well done....she is just lovely! Thanks ever so much for reminding me of the, Great British sewing Bee....I wouldn't want to miss this and have set the reminder! Easter blessings to YOU....Maria x with 'Twinkles' ******

  4. I really enjoyed the Sewing Bee, think I'll get the book too!

  5. What a lovely doll!
    Think I'll have to get the Sewing Bee book too!

    1. Book is lovely, has the history behind the term sewing bee plus how-tos for those like me who need them! I just need some fabric and time now to start making!


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