Wednesday 6 March 2013

Granny skirt sewing

The sewing machine hasn't been out for a while - half term doesn't bode well for craftiness that takes time so it's been packed away inside the wardrobe in the hope that one one of my mummy days I'll take it out and beaver away on some such project. 

Hopefully once my sewing room is regained (it's currently the hubby's office space) then I can stitch, knit, hook and sew to my hearts content without taking up the dining table.

But that's another blog for another time in the not-too-distant-future!

Today I decided to stitch myself another skirt.  I'm no sewing whizz.  I can't add linings, or zips or anything technical like darts and ruffles but I can sew in a straight line!  I found this great tutorial online on how to sew a skirt in an hour and now I have a few of them.

 It does take me more than an hour though!

Today I decided to make another one using an old curtain that I found in a charity shop, a doiley (to hide a rip in the fabric) and some lace.

Want to see the results?!

I'm looking forward to wearing my new creation.

G x

By the way, I've now had over 1000 page views, which might not be a lot to some, but to me is HUGE.  The only thing is, I don't know who most of you are!  Please do say hi x


  1. HI G, I would like to see a pic of you wearing this gorgeous skirt? iam liking it very much indeed.
    D x
    Ps I hope you are proud of all the tweeting i have twitted lately?

  2. Thanks lovely. Your twittering never fails to amaze me - and mentioned by Simply Crochet AGAIN - you are a star in the making! x

  3. Hiya sissy :) I am one of those 1000 and I know my mum is too :) I did write a long message the other week and then I lost it and got frustrated sorry!well done for your blog it is fabulous I hope you get lots more views, hopefully see you all soon xxx

  4. Lovely skirts ... I have a hankering to try clothes ... some day, some day ... Bee xx

    1. Thanks Bee, you must try this one as it really is incredibly simple - if I can, you can! x

  5. That is a lovely skirt - I too only usually sew in a straight line and never attempt anything 'too fancy'!
    Thank you for calling in
    best wishes

  6. Hello from me over here at C&C!


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