Wednesday 13 March 2013

Winter Warmers....

....Or an Ode to Thermal Vests!

Moving here at the start of January 2010 from a fully centrally heated house was a definite culture shock.  With only single-glazing and not a boiler or radiator in sight we were certainly in for a cold time.  Unfortunately the weather was also not on our side and with temperatures reaching double minus figures at night, sleeping in our clothes was our only option for quite a while.

Not long after we moved in, on one of our shopping trips in order to keep warm (I did this lots, put the girls in the car to drive to the town just so the heating of the car could warm us up), I discoved that Asda did indeed sell the humble thermal vest (also available at other supermarkets I am sure).

Never before in my thirty-odd years had I ever considered purchasing such a garment, but now, faced with the falling snow, I did such a thing.  I purchased two!

Oh what a relief it was.  Somehow this humble garment became my survivor.  I wore them day and night and suddenly life wasn't quite so bad. 

I bought some more!  Now I have a collection of cream, grey, black and navy vests in long and sleeveless combinations and from September to April I can be found wearing these under everything I own.  The girls are now following in my footsteps with thermal vests of their own!

Our grannies knew what they were doing when they too donned their own thermals.

I thank them most humbly for helping me to survive three winters here without heating, but I do long for the days when they can be folded and put away forever.

G x

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  1. Yep I got my mum to buy my Dad a set of 100% merino wool thermals... he has awful circulation.. and now never complains of being cold... well except for his NOSE! smiles Cass


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